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Journal of Advanced Military Studies

Fall 2020
vol. 11, no. 2
Naval Integration and the Future of Naval Warfare

This issue of the Journal of Advanced Military Studies (JAMS) will address elements of the Commandant’s Planning Guidance, particularly the concept of naval integration and what it means for the Services, especially the Marine Corps. Our authors look to the past for relevant examples of military successes and failures of integration, but they also discuss how future warfare will play out based on these concepts. The authors explore the topic from a variety of perspectives, including those for and against, and they offer analyses of past and current attempts and what naval integration may mean for the future of the Corps. The following articles present the capabilities that will be required to shift from a traditional power projection model to a persistent forward presence and how the Marine Corps can exploit its positional advantage while defending critical regions.










The Unity of the Operational Art: Napoleon and Naval Integration

   Matthew J. Flynn, PhD

Same Water, Different Dreams: Salient Lessons of the Sino-Japanese War for Future Naval Warfare

   Andrew Rhodes

Sea Control: Feasible, Acceptable, Suitable, or Simply Imperative

   Lieutenant Colonel Michael F. Manning, USMC









Naval Integration: An Old Approach for a New Era

   Colonel Scott Erdelatz (USMC, Ret), Colonel J. D. Canty (USMC, Ret),  Colonel Mark Desens (USMC, Ret), and Captain Chris Senenko (USN)

The Joint Force Maritime Component Command and the Marine Corps: Integrate to Win the Black Sea Fight

   Major Michael Kohler, USMC

Carriers and Amphibs: Shibboleths of Sea Power

   John T. Kuehn, PhD












First to Fight: Advanced Force Operations and the Future of the Marine Corps

   Major B. A. Friedman, USMCR

The Problems Facing United States Marine Corps Amphibious Assaults

   Steven A. Yeadon

Losing the Initiative in the First Island Chain: How Organizational Inefficiencies Can Yield Mismatched Arsenals

   Major Matthew C. Ludlow, USMC

Marine Corps Force Design 2030 and Implications for Allies and Partners: Case Norway

   Lieutenant Colonel Terje Bruøygard and Lieutenant Colonel Jørn Qviller, Norwegian Army


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