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Journal of Advanced Military Studies

Fall 2021
vol. 12, no. 2

In 2017, then-Commandant Robert B. Neller reported to the U.S. Congress that the Marine Corps was not prepared for the demands of the future operating environment. This report on the posture of the Corps was meant to defend its 2018 budget request, but it would serve as the platform for future planning guidance to the rest of the Service. More than five years later, Commandant David H. Berger concurs with the 37th Commandant that the Marine Corps has significant challenges ahead if the Service wishes to be prepared for the battles being brought to our shores by near-peer competitors. This issue of JAMS focuses on wargaming and the future of the Marine Corps and the U.S. military. The authors of the articles that follow approached the conversation from a broad scholarly spectrum that offers historical and forward-thinking perspectives.







"Napoleon at Waterloo": The Events of June 1815 Analyzed via Historical Simulation
   Charles J. Esdaile, PhD

Promise Unfulfilled: A Brief History of Educational Wargaming in the Marine Corps

   Sebastian J. Bae and Major Ian T. Brown, USMC


contemporary lessons








Wargaming in Professional Military Education: Challenges and Solutions

   Colonel Eric M. Walters, USMC (Ret)

Educational Wargaming: Design and Implementation into Professional Military Education

   Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Combe II, USMC


Assessment Strategies for Educational Wargames
   Kate Kuehn


Hedgemony: A Wargame to Evaluate Senior Joint Professional Military Education Learning Objectives

   Colonel Brian W. Cole, USMC


looking to the future




Developing Self–Confidence in Military Decision Making: An Imperative for Wargaming
   Colonel Eric M. Walters, USMC (Ret)


Wargaming Development Series: Developing Impactful Wargame Narratives through Storytelling

   Stephen M. Gordon; Colonel Walt Yates (Ret), USMC; and Andrew Gordon


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