The Krulak Center's Innovation Summit is a platform to share and highlight student and faculty research papers and projects to the larger MCU body and our external network. Additionally, various industries and expertise are also invited to display and discuss various topics and technologies to showcase for students and faculty education.

The themes we will highlight this year are taken from the AY22 President's development priorities. They are the broad category of technological advancements (e.g. AI, future scenarios a la Global Trends 2040, and Future Design 2030) and the use of wargaming to achieve learning and program outcomes.

We are happy to announce that LtGen Michael Groen, Director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, will be the keynote speaker for this event on Mon 25 April at 1300 in the Breckinridge Auditorium as well as virtually

As additional details become available, we will advertise them on The Landing, our UNUM website (

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