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Mrs. Valerie Jackson - Valerie Jackson has more than twenty-four years in federal service, principally as a United States Marine. Before coming to the Krulak Center in July, she was an arbitrator in Dallas, Texas. Her areas of expertise include conflict management and resolution, civil-military operations, international relations, and strategic studies. She has led and commanded Marine units throughout her career, and has spent time as an instructor at the Marine Corps Civil Military Operations School and as the senior editor and field historian for the Marine Corps History Division.



LtCol NaTasha Everly - LtCol Everly is a Communications Officer with over 17 years of service. As a company grade officer, she served as a platoon commander, G-6 Operations Officer and Communications Company Commander. She is a resident graduate of both Expeditionary Warfare School and Command and Staff College. Prior to reporting to MCU to serve on the staff, LtCol Everly served at The Basic School for three years in the roles of Protocol Officer, Battalion Executive Officer and BOC Student Company Commander.  Most recently, she served at the Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group (MCCOG) as the Defensive Cyberspace Operations Division Head.



Inspired by its namesake, the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity enables an interdisciplinary approach to complex problem solving, fosters an environment that enhances our collective warfighting capability, and facilitates and encourages novel solutions to current and future warfighting challenges in order to expand the Corps’ competitive edge and improve our warfighting effectiveness. 


Read the official Krulak Center Charter HERE.