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Developing Students of History

The History Division, United States Marine Corps, offers internship opportunities for college students to learn while working on a historical project.  The program's intent is to give promising and talented students meaningful work and a learning experience .

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be registered undergraduate or graduate students at an accredited college or university.  Interns seeking academic credit for the internship must apply through their school. 

Academic majors for successful interns are usually history, American Studies or political science.  Computer literacy is essential.  Most History Division branches use the Microsoft Office program suite.  The nature of the internship program and the wide variety of opportunities provided by the division allow an internship experience which may draw upon academic and nonacademic skills not usually associated with the historical field.  Each internship is the product of an agreement between the intern, History Division and when credit is sought, the sponsoring institution.

Internship Opportunities

The History Division offers internships in six areas.  They are: reference historians (servicing information requests from public and official sources); historical writing (primarily researching material to support writing projects, largely in primary source collections, although opportunities to compose original pieces are presented); oral historian assistants (cataloging and servicing collections); archives (cataloging and servicing collections); film and video assistants (cataloging and servicing collections); and editing and design (preparing manuscripts for publication, checking for presentation and visual appeal).  Internships may lead to a published monograph, catalog or finding aid.  There is an emerging requirement for an intern with webmaster skills.   


All internships are served at the Marine Corps History Division, Building 2044, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia.  Quantico is approximately 35 miles south of the Washington D.C area.  Interns are responsible for living arrangements and transportation.  Depending upon the internship, there may be opportunities to use research facilities and collections elsewhere in the Washington D.C. area, including the National Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress and the archival resources of the other armed services.  History Division will assist interns in gaining access to archival and library resources necessary to accomplish their assignments.

Intern Supervision and Standards

Internships are regarded as entry level professional historian positions.  Interns are assigned to an experienced member of the Division's staff for supervision, instruction and evaluation.  Most supervisors, both civilian and military, have advanced professional degrees and extensive practical experience in their fields.

Interns are expected to work productively while they learn; meeting the same attendance requirements as a regular employee on the days and times they agree to work.  Interns will comply with the Division’s standards of appearance and decorum.  An internship is a privilege, subject to termination if not regarded as a serious and valuable work experience.

Although normally scheduled during the traditional summer break from school, interns may work at any time during the year and should schedule at least one day per week.


The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation provides a grant of $9.00 per hour to interns.  The intern bears all other costs.  


Applications are due no later than the third week of February each year.  Selection letters will be sent out the first two weeks of March.  Send applications via mail to the address below or via e-mail to