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 Heroic Deeds, Heroic Men.The U.S. Marine Corps and the Final Phase of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive,1-11 November 1918
David J. Bettez

 A Hideous Price: The 4th Brigade at Blanc Mont, 2-10 October 1918
 LtCol Peter F. Owen and LtCol John Swift

The Bravest Deeds of Men: A Field Guide for the Battle of Belleau Wood.
Col William T. Anderson, USMCR (Ret). 2018




Reducing the Saint-Mihiel Salient, September 1918. Col Walter G. Ford (Ret). 2018.


United States Marine Corps in the First World War: Anthology, Selected Bibliography, and Annotated Order of Battle.
Annette D. Amerman. 2016.

The United States Marine Corps in the World War.
Maj Edwin N. McClellan, USMC. 1920. 2015 reprint. (out of print)

Marine Flyer in France: The Diary of Captain Alfred A. Cunningham, November 1917–January 1918. Capt Alfred A. Cunningham, USMC. Graham A. Cosmas, ed. 1974.

Women Marines in World War I.
Capt Linda L. Hewitt, USMCR. 1974.

Jack B. Hilliard. 1967.An Annotated Bibliography of the United States Marine Corps in the First World War



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