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General History: Humanitarian Operations

Due to the age of publications, certain works listed are no longer in print. Print-on-demand services are available for some titles upon request.




The Diplomatic Mission to Abyssinia, 1903.
Bernard C. Nalty


U.S. Marines in Humanitarian Operations. Angels from the Sea: Relief Operations in Bangladesh, 1991.
Charles R. Smith


U.S. Marines in Humanitarian Operations. A Skillful Show of Strength: U.S. Marines in the Caribbean, 19911996.
Col Nicholas E. Reynolds


Humanitarian Operations In Northern Iraq, 1991: With Marines in Operation Provide Comfort.


Just Cause: Marine Operations in Panama, 19881990.
LtCol Nicholas E. Reynolds


Restoring Hope: In Somalia with the Unified Task Force, 19921993.
Col Dennis P. Mroczkowski


U.S. Marine Operations. On Mamba Station: U.S. Marines in West Africa, 19902003.
Maj James G. Antal and Maj R. John Vanden Berghe