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Due to the age of publications, certain works listed are no longer in print. Print-on-demand services are available for some titles upon request.

When the Russians Blinked: The U.S. Maritime Response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Major John M. Young, USMCR. 1990.

U.S. Marines in Grenada, 1983. LtColo Ronald H. Spector, USMCR. 1987.

U.S. Marines in Lebanon, 1982–1984. Benis M. Frank. 1987.

U.S. Marine Corps Operations in the Dominican Republic, April–June 1965. Maj Jack K. Ringler, USMC, and Henry I. Shaw Jr. 1970. (out of print)

Marines in Lebanon, 1958. Jack Shulimson. 1966. 1983 reprint. 







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