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The Mobility War: Marine Corps Helicopter Operations in Vietnam, 1962-1975
By Adam Givens

 On Our Terms: U.S. Marines in Operation Dewey Canyon, 22 January to 18 March 1969. By Seth Givens

Combined Action: U.S. Marines Fighting A Different War, August 1965 to September 1970. By Master Sergeant Ronald E. Hays, USMC (Ret)

Ringed by Fire: U.S. Marines and the Siege of Khe Sanh, 21 January to 9 July 1968. Col Richard D. Camp (Ret) and LtCol Leonard A. Blasiol

Death in the Imperial City: U.S. Marines in the Battle for Hue, 31 January to 2 March 1968. Col Richard D. Camp (Ret). 2018

Hill Fights: The First Battle of Khe Sanh, 1967. Col Rod Andrew Jr. 2017.

In Persistent Battle: U.S. Marines in Operation Harvest Moon, 8 December to 20 December 1965. Nicholas J. Schlosser, PhD. 2017.

Hill of Angels: U.S. Marines and the Battle for Con Thien, 1967 to 1968. Col Joseph C. Long. 2016.

The Greene Papers: General Wallace M. Greene Jr. and the Escalation of the Vietnam War, January 1964–March 1965. Dr. Nicholas J. Schlosser. 2016.

The First Fight: U.S. Marines in Operation Starlite, August 1965. Col Rod Andrew Jr., 2015.

The Path to War: U.S. Marine Corps Operations in Southeast Asia 1961–1965. Col George R. Hofmann (Ret). 2014.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Advisory and Combat Assistance Era, 1954–1964. Capt Robert H. Whitlow. 1977. 1982 reprint.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Landing and the Buildup, 1965. Jack Shulimson and Maj Charles M. Johnson. 1978.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: An Expanding War, 1966. Jack Shulimson. 1982. (out of print)

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: Fighting the North Vietnamese, 1967. Maj Gary L. Telfer, LtCol Lane Rogers, and V. Keith Fleming Jr. 1984.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Defining Year, 1968. Jack Shulimson, LtCol Leonard A. Blaisol, Charles R. Smith, and Capt David A. Dawson. 1997.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: High Mobility and Standdown, 1969. Charles R. Smith. 1988.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: Vietnamization and Redeployment, 1970–1971. Graham A. Cosmas, LtCol Terrence P. Murray, Maj William R. Melton, and Jack Shulimson, eds. 1986.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The War that Would Not End, 1971–1973. Maj Charles D. Melson, and LtCol Curtis G. Arnold. 1991.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The Bitter End, 1973–1975. Maj George R. Dunham, and Col David A. Quinlan. 1990.

Marines and Military Law in Vietnam: Trial by Fire. LtCol Gary D. Solis. 1989.

The Marines in Vietnam, 1954–1973: An Anthology and Annotated Bibliography. 1974. 1983 reprint. 1985 rev. ed.

Close Air Support and the Battle for Khe Sanh. LtCol Shawn P. Callahan. 2009.


Operation Millpond: U.S. Marines in Thailand, 1961. Col George R. Hofmann Jr. (Ret). 2009.

Marine Advisors With the Vietnamese Provincial Reconnaissance Units, 1966–1970. Col Andrew R. Finlayson (Ret). 2009.

Marine Advisors with the Vietnamese Marine Corps: Selected Documents Prepared by the U.S. Marine Advisory Unit, Naval Advisory Group. Compiled and edited by Charles D. Melson and Wanda J. Renfrow. 2009

Leadership Lessons and Remembrances from Vietnam. LtGen Herman Nickerson Jr. (Ret). 1988.

Chaplains with Marines in Vietnam, 1962–1971. Cdr Herbert L. Bergsma. 1985.

Vietnam Revisited: Conversation with William D. Broyles Jr. Col John G. Miller, ed. 1984. (out of print)

U.S. Marine Corps Civil Affairs in I Corps, Republic of South Vietnam, April 1966–April 1967. Capt William D. Parker. 1970.

The Battle for Khe Sanh. Capt Moyers S. Shore. 1969. 1977 reprint.

U.S. Marine Corps Civic Action Effort in Vietnam, March 1965–March 1966. Capt Russell H. Stolfi. 1968.

Small Unit Action in Vietnam, Summer 1966. Capt Francis J. West Jr. 1967. 1977 reprint.

Khe Sanh Bibliography. Ray W. Stubbe.



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