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JAMS Book Reviews

The editor of the Journal of Advanced Military Studies is interested in books reviews, review essays, and historiographical essays for the coming publishing year.

The typical single-title review is approximately 750 words. Multiple-title review essays are usually longer at approximately 1,250 words and can be footnoted. Historiographical essays are typically at least 3,000 words and footnoted. MCUP's in-house style guide is based on rules for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization found in the 17th edition of Chicago Manual of Style and your work should be formatted accordingly prior to submission.

To request a review copy, email your name, address, and title(s) of interest to


Review Guidelines (download)

Historiographical Essays
JAMS is looking for historiographical essays to complement forthcoming topical issues of the journal. Submit an essay proposal to or to request more information.






Pakistan and American Diplomacy: Insights from 9/11 to the Afghanistan Endgame Ted Craig 2024, Potomac Books

Power Up: Leadership, Character, and Conflict Beyond the Superhero Multiverse

Steven Leonard et al.

2023, Casemate

Unwinnable Wars: Afghanistan and the Future of American Armed Statebuilding Adam Wunische 2024, Polity Press
Come Fly with Us: NASA's Payload Specialist Program Melvin Croft and John Youskauskas 2019, University of Nebraska Press

The Military Legacy of Alexander the Great: Lessons for the Information Age

Michael P. Ferguson and Ian Worthington

2024, Routledge

Army Spouses: Military Families during the Global War on Terror

Morten G. Ender

2023, University of Virginia Press

Fire and Rain: Nixon, Kissinger, and the Wars in Southeast Asia

Carolyn Woods Eisenberg

2023, Oxford University Press

Right and Wronged in International Relations: Evolutionary Ethics, Moral Revolutions, and the Nature of Power Politics

Brian Rathbun

forthcoming, Cambridge University Press

Who Owns Outer Space?: International Law, Astrophysics, and the Sustainable Development of Space

Michael Byers and Aaron Boley

forthcoming, Cambridge University Press

Deter, Disrupt, or Deceive: Assessing Cyber Conflict as an Intelligence Contest

Robert Chesney and Max Smeets

2023, Georgetown University Press

25 Days to Aden: The Unknown Story of Arabian Elite Forces at War

Michael Knights

2023, Profile Books

Reform and Experimentation after the Cold War, 1989-2001 Philip L. Shiman, Elliott V. Converse III, and Joseph A. Arena 2022, Historical Office, Secretary of Defense

From Berkeley to Berlin: How the RAD Lab Helped Avert Nuclear War

Tom Ramos

2022, Naval Institute Press

The Origins of Surface-to-Air Guided Missile Technology: German Flak Rockets and the Onset of the Cold War

James Mills

2022, Casemate

The Nuclear Club: How America and the World Policed the Atom from Hiroshima to Vietnam

Jonathan R. Hunt

2022, Stanford University Press

Newport Manual on Arctic Security

Walter Berbrick, Gaelle Rivard Piche, and Michael Zimmerman

2022, Naval Institute Press

China’s Strategic Arsenal: Worldview, Doctrine, and Systems

James M. Smith and Paul J. Bolt

2021, Georgetown University Press


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