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Marine Corps History, is published twice a year on topics within the long history of the Corps: Civil War, Spanish-American War, Banana Wars, WWI, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and women and minorities in the military. Articles must focus on some aspect of the Corps, either directly or indirectly, including foreign marines and joint operations.



























Evaluating Military Cross-Cultural Training Programs
by Allison Abbe, PhD

The American and Joint Origins of Operational Depth
in the Meuse-Argonne Campaign

by Thomas Bruscino, PhD

Exploring Evidence-Based Management
in Military Planning Processes as a Critically Appraised Topic

by David E. McCullin, DM

The Desert War: Marine Corps Aviation in Desert Storm,
January-February 1991

Fred Allison, PhD

How Can the United States Move toward Gender-Neutral
Special Forces?: Lessons from the Norwegian Military

Mariah Loukou

The Operational Warfare Revolution:
How Operational Art Can Prepare the Marine Corps
for an Era of Great Power Competition

Matthew J. Schultz

The Finely-Honed Blade:
Clausewitz and Boyd on Friction and Moral Factors

 by Martin Samuels














Military Competition between the United States and
China in the South China Sea:
A Critical Analysis
by Nicky C. Cardenas

To Win without Fighting:
Defining China's Political Warfare
by Professor Kerry Gershaneck

Policy, Perception, and Misperception:
The United States and the Fall of the Shah

by Kyle Balzer

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps:
Its Foreign Policy and Foreign Legion

Mark D. Silinsky, PhD






Lake Chad:
Changing Hydrography, Violent Extremism,
and Climate-Conflict Intersection

Thomas E. Griffin

Water Scarcity in Brazil: A Case Study
Denise Slater





Freedom’s “Flying Snake”: The AIM-9 Sidewinder in the Cold War
James Young, PhD




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