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  Unintentional bias can prevent us from accurately understanding the environment and hinder effective problem solving in military operations. This video describes this dynamic and explains how certain cultural concepts and skills mitigate the negative impacts of unintentional bias. These concepts and skills enable Marines to recognize their unintentional bias, account for it during planning and execution, and effectively mitigate it through education and training. By improving our ability to understand the human dimension of war, these concepts and skills gives Marines a military advantage.
  The video introduces the CAOCL approach to culture and argues that understanding culture general concepts and skills will make the process of learning culture-specific information more efficient.  


This introductory video provides a basic definition of culture and explains how cross-cultural competence is relevant to the warfighter.






  The study of cultural geography involves observing places and their features with all of our senses to learn more about the people who live there. Cultural geography is about people, not maps. How people interact with, shape, and transform the land they live on can be indicators of their shared beliefs, practices, and values. Consciously observing human interaction with the physical environment can help you pick up on clues and context to better orient to a place you have never been.  

  The video introduces the key culture skill perspective-taking and describes its application to cross-cultural competence.