CRSS has two principal education activities: (1) the Regional and Culture Studies Program (RCSP) and 2) educational programming and support to Marine Corps University (MCU) and the broader USMC and DoD communities.


Distance Education (RCSP)

CRSS develops, executes, and manages the Regional and Culture Studies Program. This total force initiative is the Marine Corps’ distance learning program that instills, develops, and sustains foundational region and culture capabilities in our career Marines. The end state of this program is to enhance cross-cultural competence within the general purpose force. As Marines advance through their careers, they reflect on and deepen their learning about their assigned region and the world while honing their understanding of culture-general concepts and skills. The RCSP education continuum encompasses a foundation to operational culture, its considerations in tactical scenarios, the impact of culture on military operations, and the implications of operational culture on planning. It is designed to ensure Marines are globally prepared and regionally focused to effectively navigate culturally complex operating environments and relationships.


Residence Education

CRSS faculty teach at all Marine Corps University schools, offering core classes, electives, panels, lectures, and subject matter expertise to school-house exercises. Additionally, they mentor and advise students, provide faculty development and brown bag sessions, and offer their expertise to support university governance and policy processes. CRSS faculty offer breadth and depth on both area studies and culture general concepts and skills, providing Marines the tools to navigate the cultural complexities of contemporary operating environments, mission sets, and relationships.


Distance Education

Marine Corps University