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Sister Services Registration

  • CEME recognizes the value of attendance of its resident courses by sister service members. The different perspectives and experiences of these students are an invaluable addition to the education of the force. To this end, CEME provides nine seat allocations, spread across its CONUS academies, per each iteration of the resident courses. Funding for travel, per diem, and billeting when necessary, are the responsibility of the sister service. Nominations must be received by CEME operations 60 days in advance of course report dates. Nominees must be within their service's height/weight standards, be full duty, and have completed the Marine Corps' distance education program commensurate with the class they are attending. This is accomplished by creating a MarineNet account at https://www.marinenet.usmc.mil/MarineNet/EditProfile.aspx and then enrolling in the appropriate distance program. Questions regarding which of the CONUS academies have vacant allocations, or for assistance with the distance education requirement, should be directed to the CEME operations section at 703-432-5286.