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Senior Enlisted


SERGEANTS MAJOR COURSE (SGTSMAJCRS): The Sergeants Major Course educates Marines on the fundamental authorities, responsibilities, programs, and practices of a battalion/squadron-level sergeant major which contribute to a successful command. The course focuses on critical thinking, decision-making, and sound judgment.

SENIOR ENLISTED PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION (SEPME) COURSE: This course is designed to equip Marines in the ranks of master sergeant through sergeant major with the critical thinking and adaptability skills necessary to function at the operational and strategic levels of war.

FIRST SERGEANTS COURSE (1STSGTCRS): This course is designed to provide newly selected or promoted first sergeants (and master sergeants serving as senior enlisted advisors) with the requisite skills, knowledge, and tools required to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the senior enlisted advisor to the commander.

UNITED STATES ARMY SERGEANTS MAJOR ACADEMY (USASMA):The mission of the USASMA is to develop agile and adaptive noncommissioned officers and enlisted Soldiers through professional military education opportunities that meet the challenges of unified land operations in an era of persistent conflict.

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE SENIOR NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER ACADEMY (AFSNCOA):  The mission of the Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy is to broaden students' institutional competencies by focusing on the following areas: Communication, Joint War Fighter; Operational Manager, and Military Professional. The academy conducts an innovative program for senior noncommissioned officers from across the United States Department of Defense and selected senior enlisted members from allied nations.

NAVY SENIOR ENLISTED ACADEMY (NAVSEA): The Navy Senior Enlisted Academy (NAVSEA) will educate senior enlisted leaders in communication skills, leadership and management, national security affairs, Navy programs, and physical fitness.

JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES SENIOR ENLISTED ACADEMY (JSOFSEA): The Joint Special Operations Forces Senior Enlisted Academy will educate Joint Special Operations Forces (SOF) and selected conventional and international force senior enlisted personnel in mission-oriented leadership and critical-thinking skills to prepare them to effectively advise, lead, and mentor in the future operating environment (joint, combined, interagency) at the operational and strategic levels. JSOFSEA will provide SOF senior noncommissioned officer Professional Military Education (PME) focusing on joint leadership, resource management, joint warfighting, military heritage, national strategy and critical thinking.