Mission Statement

The College of Enlisted Military Education provides a continuum of education to improve leadership, sharpen critical and creative thinking skills, and deepen Marines' understanding of warfighting concepts in distributed/joint environments in order to foster ethical, professional leaders who make sound decisions in complex operational situations.


Official Mailing Address

SNCO Academy
PSC BOX 63062
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863


CEME School Descriptions

Resident Sergeants School


Hawaii SNCOA Contacts

Director (808) 496-2600
Deputy Director (808) 496-2560
Admin Chief (808) 496-3109
Academics Officer (808) 496-5619
Supply Chief (808) 496-6874
Operations Chief (808) 496-1338
SNCOIC (808) 496-6872
Communications Officer (808) 496-3963


Marine Corps University