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Marine Corps Medal of Honor Recipients


The following lists all Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients alphabetically by last name.

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Corporal Charles Gene Abrell

 Sergeant John Mapes Adams (Born George L. Day) Currently Not Available

Corporal Harry Chapman Adriance

Private First Class Harold Christ Agerholm

Private First Class James Anderson, Jr.

Lance Corporal Richard Allen Anderson

Private First Class Richard Beatty Anderson

Corporal Edwin Nelson Appleton

Private First Class Oscar P. Austin

Major Kenneth D. Bailey

Captain William Earl Barber

Lance Corporal Jedh Colby Barker

First Lieutenant Harvey Curtiss Barnum, Jr.

Sergeant John Basilone

Lieutenant Colonel Harold William Bauer

Private First Class William Bernard Baugh

Corporal Lewis Kenneth Bausell

Captain Hiram Iddings Bearss

Major Randolph Carter Berkeley

Corporal Charles Joseph Berry

Sergeant Richard Binder

Second Lieutenant John Paul Bobo

First Lieutenant Alexander Bonnyman, Jr.

Staff Sergeant William James Bordelon

Major Gregory Boyington

Private Erwin Jay Boydston

Corporal Charles Brown

Private First Class Daniel D. Bruce

Private Howard Major Buckley

Private First Class Robert C. Burke

Private James Burnes

Corporal Richard Earl Bush

Major Smedley Darlington Butler

Corporal William Robert Button

Private First Class William Robert Caddy

Private Hector Albert Cafferata, Jr.

Private Daniel Campbell

Private Albert Ralph Campbell

First Lieutenant George Ham Cannon

 Lance Corporal William Kyle Carpenter

Private William Louis Carr

Private First Class Bruce Wayne Carter

Corporal Anthony Casamento

Major Albertus W. Catlin

Lieutenant Colonel Justice Marion Chambers

Corporal David Bernard Champagne

Private First Class Stanley Reuben Christianson

Private First Class Raymond Michael Clausen, Jr.

Private First Class Ronald L. Coker

Sergeant Darrell Samuel Cole

Private John Coleman

First Lieutenant Henry Alfred Commiskey, Sr.

Staff Sergeant Peter Spencer Connor

Colonel Donald Gilbert Cook

Private James Cooney

Major Henry Alexius Courtney, Jr.

Lance Corporal Thomas E. Creek

Gunnery Sergeant Louis Cukela




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Corporal John Olof Dahlgren

Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Joseph Daly

Corporal Anthony Peter Damato

Corporal Jack Arden Davenport

 Henry William Davis (Real name was William H. Murray)

Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Gilbert Davis

Sergeant Rodney Maxwell Davis

 George L. Day (Served under John Mapes Adams) Currently Not Available

Corporal James L. Day

First Lieutenant Jefferson Joseph DeBlanc

Lance Corporal Emilio Albert De La Garza, Jr.

Sergeant J. Henry Denig

Corporal Duane Edgar Dewey

Private First Class Ralph Ellis Dias

Private First Class Douglas Eugene Dickey

Private James Dougherty

Corporal Jason L. Dunham

Captain Robert Hugo Dunlap

Captain Jesse Farley Dyer

Lieutenant Colonel Aquilla James Dyess

Colonel Merritt Austin Edson

Captain Henry Talmage Elrod

Private First Class Harold Glenn Epperson

Corporal John Peter Fardy

Private Oscar Wadsworth Field

Private Harry Fisher (Real name Franklin J. Phillips)

Private John Fitzgerald

Captain Richard Eugene Fleming

Sergeant Alexander Joseph Foley

 Patrick F. Ford, Jr. (Served under the name James Meredith)

Sergeant Bruno Albert Forsterer

Captain Joseph Jacob Foss

Sergeant Paul Hellstrom Foster

Private First Class William Adelbert Foster

First Lieutenant Wesley Lee Fox

Private Charles Robert Francis

Private Joseph John Franklin

Orderly Sergeant Isaac N. Fry

Captain Eli Thompson Fryer


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Private Louis Rene Gaiennie

Major Robert Edward Galer

Private First Class Fernando Luis Garcia

Sergeant Philip Gaughan

Corporal Joseph Anthony Glowin

Private First Class Edward Gomez

Private First Class Harold Gonsalves

Sergeant Alfredo Gonzalez

Captain James Albert Graham

Second Lieutenant Terrence Collinson Graves

Sergeant Ross Franklin Gray

Private Samuel Gross

Staff Sergeant Ambrosio Guillen

Private First Class Henry Gurke

Sergeant Herman Henry Hanneken

Private Dale Merlin Hansen

First Lieutenant Robert Murray Hanson

Sergeant William George Harrell

Sergeant Harry Harvey

Corporal Louis James Hauge, Jr.

First Lieutenant William Deane Hawkins

Private Henry William Heisch

Sergeant John Henry Helms

Private Frank Hill

Captain Walter Newell Hill

 Charles F. Hoffman (Real name was Ernest August Janson)

 Private William Charlie Horton Currently Not Available

Staff Sergeant Jimmie Earl Howard

Lance Corporal James Donnie Howe

Sergeant Michael Hudson

Captain John Arthur Hughes

Private Henry Lewis Hulbert

Private Martin Hunt

Sergeant Ross Lindsey Iams

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Private First Class Arthur J. Jackson

Private First Class Douglas Thomas Jacobson

Gunnery Sergeant Ernest August Janson 
   (Served under the name Charles F. Hoffman)

Private First Class Robert H. Jenkins, Jr.

Lance Corporal Jose Francisco Jimenez

Sergeant James Edmund Johnson

Private First Class Ralph H. Johnson

Platoon Sergeant Joseph Rodolph Julian

Private Thomas Wilbur Kates

Private Michael Kearney

Lance Corporal Miguel Keith

Staff Sergeant Allan J. Kellogg, Jr.

Private First Class John Doren Kelly

Private John Joseph Kelly

Private Jack William Kelso

Staff Sergeant Robert Sidney Kennemore

Sergeant Elbert Luther Kinser

Sergeant Matej Kocak

Private First Class Richard Edward Kraus

Private Hermann William Kuchmeister

Private First Class James Dennis La Belle

Captain Howard Vincent Lee

Second Lieutenant John Harold Leims

Private Joseph Leonard (Served under the name Joseph Melvin)

Private First Class Herbert A. Littleton

Captain James E. Livingston

First Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez

Private First Class Jacklyn Harrell Lucas

First Lieutenant Jack Lummus


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Corporal John F. Mackie

Private Harry Lewis MacNeal

First Lieutenant Harry Linn Martin

Sergeant James Martin

Private First Class Gary Wayne Martini

Private First Class Leonard Foster Mason

Private Clarence Edward Mathias

Sergeant Daniel P. Matthews

Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III

Corporal Larry Leonard Maxam

Gunnery Sergeant Robert Howard McCard

Captain Joseph Jeremiah McCarthy

Staff Sergeant John James McGinty III

 Private First Class Alford Lee McLaughlin

Private Michael McNamara

Sergeant Michael Joseph McNally

Private Robert Miller McTureous, Jr.

Joseph Melvin (Real name was Joseph Leonard)

Private James Meredith (Name later changed to Patrick F. Ford, Jr.)

Corporal Dakota L. Meyer

Sergeant Andrew Miller

First Lieutenant Frank Nicias Mitchell

Captain Robert Joseph Modrzejewski

Private First Class Walter Carleton Monegan, Jr.

Private Albert Moore

Private First Class Whitt Lloyd Moreland

Corporal William D. Morgan

Corporal John Morris

Drummer John A. Murphy

Second Lieutenant Raymond Gerald Murphy

Private William H. Murray 
   (Served under the name Henry William Davis)

Major Reginald Rodney Myers

Lieutenant Colonel Wendell Cushing Neville

Private First Class John Dury New

Private First Class Melvin Earl Newlin

Lance Corporal Thomas P. Noonan, Jr.

Orderly Sergeant Christopher Nugent

Private First Class Eugene Arnold Obregon

Second Lieutenant George Herman O'Brien, Jr.

Corporal Robert Emmet O'Malley

Private Harry Westley Orndoff

First Lieutenant Edward Albert Ostermann

Corporal Miles M. Oviatt

Private Michael Owens

Sergeant Robert Allen Owens

Private Joseph William Ozbourn

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Platoon Sergeant Mitchell Paige

Private Pomeroy Parker

Lance Corporal Joe C. Paul

Corporal William Thomas Perkins, Jr.

Sergeant Lawrence David Peters

Louis Fred Pfeifer (Served under the name Louis Fred Thies)

Private First Class Wesley Phelps

 Franklin J. Phillips (Served under the name Harry Fisher)

Private George Phillips

Corporal Lee Hugh Phillips

Corporal Reuben Jasper Phillips

Private First Class Jimmy W. Phipps

Lance Corporal Richard Allan Pittman

Captain Stephen Wesley Pless

Captain Everett Parker Pope

Captain David Dixon Porter

First Lieutenant John Vincent Power

Sergeant James Irsley Poynter

Corporal Thomas Francis Prendergast

Private Herbert Irving Preston

Lance Corporal William R. Prom

Corporal John Henry Pruitt

Private Hugh Purvis

Sergeant John Henry Quick

Second Lieutenant George Henry Ramer

Corporal John Ranahan

First Lieutenant Frank Stanley Reasoner

Second Lieutenant Robert Dale Reem

Major George Croghan Reid

Private First Class Charles Howard Roan

Sergeant James S. Roantree

Gunnery Sergeant Robert Guy Robinson

First Lieutenant Carlton Robert Rouh

Private First Class Donald Jack Ruhl

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Private David John Scannell

First Lieutenant Christian Frank Schilt

Private First Class Albert Earnest Schwab

Private Joseph Francis Scott

Private John Shivers

Colonel David Monroe Shoup

Staff Sergeant William Edward Shuck, Jr.

Private Franklin Earl Sigler

Private France Silva

Private First Class Robert Ernest Simanek

Sergeant Walter K. Singleton

Captain Carl Leonard Sitter

Private First Class Luther Skaggs, Jr.

Second Lieutenant Sherrod Emerson Skinner, Jr.

Corporal Larry Eugene Smedley

Private Albert Joseph Smith

Major John Lucian Smith

Corporal Willard M. Smith

Private Richard Keith Sorenson

Orderly Sergeant David Sprowle

Corporal Tony Stein

Corporal James A. Stewart

Gunnery Sergeant Peter Stewart

Gunnery Sergeant Fred W. Stockham

Private Edward Sullivan

Sergeant Clarence Edwin Sutton

First Lieutenant James Elms Swett

Second Lieutenant Ralph Talbot

Staff Sergeant Karl Gorman Taylor, Sr.

 Private Louis Fred Thies (Name later changed to Louis Fred Pfeifer)

Sergeant Herbert Joseph Thomas

Sergeant Clyde A. Thomason

Private Henry A. Thompson

Sergeant Grant Frederick Timmerman

Corporal Andrew J. Tomlin

Corporal Donald LeRoy Truesdell (Name changed from Truesdale)

Private Oscar J. Upham

Captain William Peterkin Upshur

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Staff Sergeant Archie Van Winkle

Major General Alexander Archer Vandegrift

Captain Jay R. Vargas

Sergeant Pinkerton R. Vaughn

Corporal Joseph Vittori

Sergeant Edward Alexander Walker

First Lieutenant Kenneth Ambrose Walsh

Gunnery Sergeant William Gary Walsh

Staff Sergeant Lewis George Watkins

Private Wilson Douglas Watson

Lance Corporal Lester W. Weber

Private Walter Scott West

Lance Corporal Roy Mitchell Wheat

Private First Class DeWayne T. Williams

First Lieutenant Ernest Calvin Williams

Corporal Hershel Woodrow Williams

Private First Class Alfred M. Wilson

Technical Sergeant Harold Edward Wilson

Captain Louis Hugh Wilson, Jr.

Private First Class Robert Lee Wilson

First Sergeant Roswell Winans

Staff Sergeant William Gordon Windrich

Private First Class Frank Peter Witek

Lance Corporal Kenneth L. Worley

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Private Frank Albert Young

Private William Zion

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