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Joseph Anthony Glowin, who earned the Medal of Honor for heroism in combat in the Dominican Republic in 1916, was born in Detroit, Michigan, on 14 March 1892. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in Lansing, Michigan, during December 1913 and took part in the expedition to Vera Cruz, Mexico, from April to November 1914.

During the following year, he participated in engagements in the Republic of Haiti during September and November 1915. In 1916, Cpl Glowin deployed to the Dominican Republic with the 13th Company, Artillery Battalion, 1st Brigade.

Corporal Glowin, a machine gunner, was deep into the jungle of Santo Domingo, near Guayacanas, on 3 July 1916 with a small detachment of Marines. Cpl Glowin and his fellow Marines encountered a strong row of bandit trenches manned by a superior force. The Marines were in the open, their only course lay in a direct front attack. Cpl Glowin, although hit by enemy fire, remained at his post fighting off the enemy until wounded again and forced by his comrades to get medical aid.

He was awarded the Nation's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his heroism at Guayacanas. He remained in the Dominican Republic until June 1917 where he was promoted to the rank of gunnery sergeant (temporary). He was honorably discharged on 8 December 1917. He reenlisted ten days later for the duration of World War I but because his previous ranks had all been temporary warrants, he was later honorably discharged a second time at his permanent rank of private on 6 September 1919. He later served with the Detroit Police Department from 1923 until 1941.

Private Glowin died 23 August 1952 and was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.

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