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Harry Chapman Adriance was born 27 October 1864 in Oswego, New York. At the age of 33, he enlisted in the Marine Corps in Boston, Massachusetts, on 15 June 1898. He served at Marine Barracks, New York Navy Yard and then was transferred to the U.S. Naval Base, Cavite, Philippine Islands, arriving there 21 September 1899.

He was among the Marines sent to the city of Tientsin on 29 June 1900 at the outbreak of hostilities by the Boxers in China. Two weeks after arriving in China, Cpl Adriance distinguished himself by meritorious conduct during the battle near that city. He served with the China Relief Expedition until 10 October 1900. On 24 March 1902, Cpl Adriance was presented the Medal of Honor for his actions on 13 July 1900.

Corporal Adriance returned to Cavite after his tour in China ended and then was transferred to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York, on 20 July 1902. He was discharged there at the rank of sergeant on 19 June 1903. Three weeks later, Sgt Adriance re-enlisted in Buffalo, New York. A contested court-martial approximately one year later regarding theft charges resulted in Sgt Adriance receiving a bad conduct discharge from the Marine Corps and a reduction in rank to private on 7 September 1904.

Private Adriance died in a Coney Island, New York, hospital on 25 January 1934 at the age of 70 from gallstones and jaundice. Records indicate he was cremated with no place of interment listed.

In the late 1980s, the Marine Corps League in his hometown of Oswego initiated proceedings in an attempt to upgrade Pvt Adriance’s discharge. The outcome is unknown.

Along with the Medal of Honor, Pvt Adriance also earned the Spanish Campaign Medal, the Philippine Campaign Medal and the China Relief Expedition Medal.

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