Colonel Brian Sharp, USMC
Director of the Marine Corps War College

LtCol Joseph Goodrich, Ed.D.
Deputy Director, Associate Dean of Academics

Christopher Yung, Ph.D.
Dean of Academics

James Lacey, Ph.D.
Course Director Warfighting and Economics
William Morgan, Ph.D.
Course Director Diplomacy & Statecraft

Tammy S. Schultz, Ph.D.

Course Director National Security

Captain Benjamin B. Miller 

Navy Chair, Joint Warfare Course Director

Colonel Jeremy Bowling, USA Joint Warfighting Instructor / USA Chair
Colonel Ryan S. Murata, USMCR Leadership & Ethics Course Director / USMCR Chair
Colonel William Ryerson, USAF Joint Warfighting Instructor / USAF Chair

Benjamin Dille, Ph.D.

State Department Chair
Kevin Heaton, DIA DIA Chair
Colonel Matthew Jones, USMC (Ret.) Joint Warfighting Instructor / Wargaming