Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Courses

      The Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP) follows a structured four-tiered approach to developing federal civilian leaders. The MCCLDP focuses on deliberate leader development through progressive education and training that aligns with the Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian Leader Development Continuum.

Tier 1: Online Leadership Foundations

 Leadership Foundations are online modules that are available on MarineNet for Marine Corps Federal Employees.  These modules provide the prerequisite knowledge to begin leadership development studies and establishes baseline knowledge and awareness of leadership principles and traits for professional and personal development.  Successful completion supports employee participation in MCCLDP Tier III and Tier IV seminars, courses, and programs.

 LLISELF 101 - 601 and LLITEAMS 001 - 004, 101 - 601 and 801 

Tier 2: Local Leadership Training Programs

These training programs are decentralized programs that are managed at bases and stations under the auspices and support of Human Resources Development Strategic Advisors (HRDSA's). Local programs focus on softskills development that enhance the capabilities of the local civilian workforce. Please contact your local HRDSA's for more information. 

The Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Seminars are three-day seminars that focus on individual leadership development concepts. Currently, Lead Self and Lead Teams are the seminars that are currently being taught at all bases and stations. For more information contact your local HRDSA or Ms. Cynthia Dowd at LLI. 

Centrally Managed Civilian Leadership Courses are developmental programs or courses for civilian employees starting at GS-4 through GS-15 or equivalent grade levels. They are either centrally funded by Lejeune Leadership Institute, DoD, DoN, National Defense University, Office of Civilian Human Resources, individual Command Components or a combination of funding sources.


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Thoughts for Developing Leaders from Within (19 Sept 2019)

Organizations that do not invest in a legitimate and vibrant workforce leader development program are doomed to employee mediocracy at best.  Collins (2001) posts in his book, Good to Great, "that great organizations take the steps necessary to develop and celebrate the success of their workforce".  I argue that a way of growing our workforce is to develop their personal and professional knowledge, skills, and experiences to assume positions of greater responsibilities in a manner that makes them competent, confident, and competitive in their rise to positions of influence and impact for their organizations.