Command and Staff College
Lauren Mackenzie, Ph.D.

Dr. Lauren Mackenzie is Marine Corps University’s Professor of Military Cross-Cultural Competence. She earned her MA and PhD in communication from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has taught intercultural and interpersonal communication courses throughout the DOD for the past 15 years. Dr. Mackenzie’s research is devoted to the impact of cultural differences on difficult conversations, and she has written a range of articles and book chapters pertaining to end-of-life communication, relationship repair strategies, and, most recently, the role of failure in education. She is the co-editor with Dr. Kerry Fosher of the 2021 book, Rise and Decline of U.S. Military Culture Programs: 2004-20 and the co-editor with LTC Dana Perkins of the 2022 edited volume, Women, Peace & Security in Professional Military Education. Dr. Mackenzie was the 2020 civilian recipient of the Marine Corps University Rose Award for Teaching Excellence.


  • Ph.D. Communication, University of Massachusetts

  • M.A. Communication, University of Massachusetts

  • B.A. Communication and Spanish, University of Maryland

Areas of Expertise

  • Intercultural communication, cross-cultural competence, interpersonal conflict management, social/relational resilience, cultural metacognition, Women, Peace & Security, the role of failure in teaching and learning.

Selected Publications 

Mackenzie, L. & Tenzek, K. (forthcoming). Marines’ Reflections on End-of-Life Communication: Connecting Resilience and Difficult Dialogue. International Journal of Collaborative-Dialogic Practices.

Mackenzie, L., Metelits, C. & Wineman, B. (2023). Marine Corps University’s Women, Peace, and Security Scholars Program: An Inaugural Year in Review. Marine Corps Gazette: March: 79-82.

Mackenzie, L., Metelits, C., & Hunter, K. (2023). Efforts by Defense Civilians to Integrate Women, Peace, and Security Considerations into Professional Military Education.” In I. Goldberg (ed.) Total Defence Force in the 21st Century: Collaboration and Integration in the Military Domain. Kingston, Ontario: MacGill University Press.

Mackenzie, L. & Perkins, D. (2022). Advancing Women, Peace & Security Principles in Professional Military Education. Quantico, VA: Marine Corps University Press.

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Mackenzie, L., Fogarty, P. & Khachadoorian, A. (2013). A Model for Military Online Culture Education: Key Findings and Best Practices. EDUCAUSE Review. 48:4 July/Aug.


● Co-Chair, Interagency Language Roundtable Culture Committee

● Co-Chair, Marine Corps University Women, Peace & Security Committee

● Secretary, Communication & the Military Division of the National Communication Association

● Adjunct Professor, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

Professional memberships

● National Communication Association

● Southern States Communication Association

● InterUniversity Seminar on Armed Forces & Society

Marine Corps University