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Upcoming Events in AY20: “Revisionist Actors and the International Order: A Changing Middle East”


Previously Hosted Events in AY19 and AY20:


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 AY 2019-20

AY19 MES Lecture Series "Revisionist Powers, Rogue Regimes, and the International Order"


AY 2017-18 Navigating Geopolitical Competition and Internal Wars in the Middle East and North Africa

 AY 2016-17 Great Power Competition in the MENA Today
 AfPak Series 2010 (Archives)
 AY 2010-11 Iran Series
 AY 2011-2012 Arab Revolt Series
 AY 2012-13 Series
 AY 2013-14 Series Revisiting Arab Revolts
 AY 2014-15 MENA Democratization
 AY 2015-16 MENA Armed Forces
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