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AY22 MES Lecture Series: “The Eastern Mediterranean in the Crosshairs: Regional, Political, and Security Issues and Challenges to U.S. Foreign Policy”

Previously Hosted Events in AY21: 

"The Routinization of Islamic State's Global Enterprise", MES Lecture Series, 20 May 2021


#BruteCast/MES Lecture Series-Craig Whiteside, "Routinization of Islamic State's Global Enterprise"



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AY19 MES Lecture Series "Revisionist Powers, Rogue Regimes, and the International Order"

MES Outreach

Dr. Christopher Anzalone presented a paper, "Islamizing Rebel Governance in Somalia: Al-Shabaab's Proto-State," at the 2021 Middle East Studies Association Conference. Click to read it.

Panel Event: "The U.S. in Afghanistan: Looking Back to Look Forward" with MajGen Julian D. Alford, Ambassador P. Michael McKinley, and Dr. Carter Malkasian; November 22.


Dr. Christopher Anzalone presented a guest lecture, "The Art of the Martyr and the Mujahid: Aesthetics & Narratives in Contemporary Jihadi Visual Culture," on November 17 at Duke University. 

The Art of the Martyr and the Mujahid: Aesthetics & Narratives in
Contemporary Jihadi Visual Culture


Dr. Amin Tarzi presented and participated in the "Emotions and Strategy Workshop" organized by MIT and held in Israel, November 6-8, 2021.

Dr. Amin Tarzi participated in a roundtable event, "Turkish and Iranian Response to Refugees from Afghanistan," hosted by Ottoman and Turkish Studies at New York University on October 21. Here

MES Research Talk with Yun Sun (China Program Director, Stimson Center): "China's Afghanistan Strategy Post-U.S. Withdrawal" 

Middle East Studies Research Talk - Ms. Yun Sun, “China’s Afghanistan
Strategy Post-U.S. Withdrawal”


MES Past Outreach Events

11 September 2019
Marine Corps University 
Warner Center