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Sergeant John F. Mackie

Colonel Robert Joseph Modrzejewski

Private Harry L. MacNeal

Private First Class Walter C. Monegan, Jr.

General Robert Magnus

Private Albert Moore

The Honorable Michael J. Mansfield

Private First Class Whitt L. Moreland

Lieutenant General Richard C. Mangrum

Corporal William D. Morgan

First Lieutenant Harry Linn Martin

General Thomas R. Morgan

Sergeant James Martin

Private John Morris

Private First Class Gary Wayne Martini

General Carl E. Mundy, Jr.

Private First Class Leonard Foster Mason

Lieutenant General John Calvin Munn

Sergeant Major John R. Massaro

Sergeant John A. Murphy

Lieutenant General James M. Masters, Sr.

Captain Raymond G. Murphy

Sergeant Major Clarence Edward Mathias

Major General Raymond L. Murray

Sergeant Daniel Paul Matthews

Private William H. Murray 
        (Served under the name Henry William Davis)

Sergeant Frederick W. Mausert III

Lieutenant General Carol A. Mutter

Corporal Larry Leonard Maxam

 Lieutenant General John Twiggs Myers

Gunnery Sergeant Robert Howard McCard

Colonel Reginald R. Myers

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Jeremiah McCarthy

General Richard I. Neal

Lieutenant General Verne J. McCaul

General Robert B. Neller

Colonel Charles G. McCawley

Major General Wendell C. Neville

Lieutenant Colonel Edwin N. McClellan

Private First Class John Dury New

General Keith B. McCutcheon

Private First Class Melvin Earl Newlin

Major General Douglas C. McDougal

Major Samuel Nicholas

Captain John James McGinty III

Lieutenant General Herman Nickerson, Jr.

Sergeant Major Thomas J. McHugh

General Alfred Houston Noble

Brigadier General Walter S. McIlhenny

Lance Corporal Thomas P. Noonan, Jr.

Master Sergeant Alford Lee McLaughlin

Orderly Sergeant Christopher Nugent

General Kenneth McLennan

General William L. Nyland

Sergeant Major Alford L. McMichael

First Lieutenant Presley Neville O'Bannon

Sergeant Major Michael Joseph McNally

Private First Class Eugene A. Obregon

Private Michael McNamara

Major George H. O’Brien, Jr.

Lieutenant General John Crawford McQueen

Sergeant Robert Emmet O'Malley

Private Robert Miller McTureous, Jr.

Private Harry Westley Orndoff

General Vernon E. Megee

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Weeden Edward Osborne

Joseph Melvin (Real name was Joseph Leonard)

Major General Edward Albert Ostermann

Private James Meredith (Name later changed to Patrick F. Ford, Jr.)

Sergeant Major Harold G. Overstreet

Lieutenant General Louis Metzger

Sergeant Miles M. Oviatt

Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer

Private Michael Owens

Sergeant Andrew Miller

Sergeant Robert Allen Owens

First Lieutenant Frank N. Mitchell

Private Joseph William Ozbourn