Establishing the Marine Corps Colors


Title: Establishing the Marine Corps Colors

Category: Marine Corps Order No. 4 (Series 1925)

Author/Presenter: Major General John A Lejeune, USMC Commandant of the Marine Corps

Date: 18 April 1925

1. Gold and scarlet are designated as the official colors of the U.S. Marine Corps.

2. In deciding on these colors historical reasons have been the guiding consideration, as during the early periods they appeared on the uniforms of officers and men and have since been used most consistently.

3. All guidons, banners, athletic ribbons, pennants, and other articles ordinarily designed to represent the Marine Corps colors, will be made accordingly.

4. Articles in Marine Corps colors carried by post exchanges will conform to the designated colors, the gold approximating as nearly as possible that in the regulation noncommissioned officers’ chevrons.

Major General Commandant

Marine Corps University