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  • ​Is the application on the SAW website meant to be a template to guide applicants in submitting a standard naval letter or is it meant to be a form?
    • A: ​It is a form.
  • Are applicants allowed to submit additional enclosures beyond the three enclosures required in the SAW application?
    • A: Yes, the identified enclosures are the minimum. You may submit more enclosures if needed based on your particular situation.
  • Does the application process accept Letters of Recommendations?
    • A: Yes, letters of recommendations are highly encouraged.
  • ​In reference to letters of recommendation is there anything specific SAW is looking for or desires?
    • A: Any documentation that demonstrates your character, competence, and creativity to excel as a future staff officer and commander.​
  • I am seeking letters of recommendation; do you prefer those recommendations are sent to you and/or the Director by email, phone call, or an official letter of recommendation by mail?
    • A: Email letters of recommendation with the resident applications to Melissa Calloway at melissa.calloway@usmcu.edu, (703) 784-6800/DSN 784-6800.

  • What is the approximate timeframe (dates) for the interviews?
    • A: Interview dates for SAW selection board are: TBD. Interview location will be Rm 2122, Warner Hall, 2076 South St, Quantico VA. 22134.
  • What uniform is required for the interview?
    • A: Uniform of the day.
  • How does Marine 0505 follow‐on assignment work to include the whole populations of SAMS, SAASS, MAWS, and SAW graduates?
    • A: 0505 assignments for Marines are the same as assignments for your PMOS. That is, MMOA attempts to meet the needs of the Marine Corps with the desires/career progression of the Marine. MMOA works hand in hand with the SAW Director for initial 0505 assignments. MMOA will travel to your respective school to discuss your specific situation.​
  • ​Is there a holistic view of Marine Corps 0505 assignments?
    • A: Yes, as stated above: “meet the needs of the Marine Corps with the desires/career progression of the Marine.”
  • ​How does SAW incorporate the wishes of the other advanced school Marine Students as it relates to their follow‐on assignments?
    • A: Attending another school does not leave you at a disadvantage in terms of 0505 assignments.​

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