Faculty Directory

Director Infantry  Col Todd P. Simmons 
Deputy Director Armor LtCol Christopher D. Upton
Operations Manager Artillery Mr. Matthew W. Erickson
Management Assistant OPS     VACANT
Chief Academic Officer Infantry Dr.  Kirklin Bateman
Chief Instructor AV-8B Pilot LtCol Eric D. Albright
Director of Curriculum Development Infantry LTC Joey W. Williams
Adjutant / Administrative Officer Manpower Capt Matthew R. Bryan
Administrative Chief Administration Cpl Caleb T. Ambaye
Administrative NCO     VACANT
Administrative Clerk Administration LCpl Sky M. Green
IMS Specialist (Warner Center Rm. 1182) IMS Mrs. Karin McVay
Support OIC Logistics  Capt Cameron W. Lahren
Supply Admin NCOIC     VACANT
Warehouse/Training Chief Supply Sgt Daisy B. Materi
Audio / Visual Information    Mr.  DeAndre Bradley
Communications Supervisor  ProComm Dr.  Todd T. Holm
Communications Instructor ProComm  Mrs.  Rachelle L. Kamrath
Communications Instructor ProComm Mr. Grant Campbell
Senior Naval Science Instructor Surface Warfare LCDR James H. Lambert
CDEV Academic Info. Mangement Surface Warfare LT Stephen R. Mossman
Course Director, Doctrine Engineer Maj Louis G. Kalmar Jr
Course Director, MAGTF Ops Afloat Infantry  Maj  Shawn P. Connor 
Course Director, Military Adaptation and Innovation     VACANT
Course Director, Warfighting - Profession of Arms     VACANT
Course Director, Warfighting - Planning Infantry Maj Michael D. Breslin
Course Director, MAGTF Ops Ashore Artillery Maj  James M. Harvey Jr
CG 1 Faculty Advisor Artillery Maj  James A. Nilan
CG 2 Faculty Advisor CH-53 Pilot Maj  Alec J. Meyer
CG 3 Faculty Advisor Communications Maj  Jeremiah J. Peter
CG 4 Faculty Advisor Infantry Maj  Benjamin J. O'Donnell
CG 5 Faculty Advisor Infantry Maj  Jonathan R. Walaski
CG 6 Faculty Advisor Intelligence  Maj  Carolyn M. Hurtado
CG 7 Faculty Advisor Logistics  Maj  Steven A. Valenti
CG 8 Faculty Advisor Infantry Maj  Richard W. Chapman
CG 9 Faculty Advisor Air C2 Maj  Brandon J. Spears
CG 10 Faculty Advisor Infantry  Maj  William J. Jacob
CG 11 Faculty Advisor Infantry  Maj  Thomas J. Vallely IV
CG 12 Faculty Advisor Logistics  Maj  Clinton W. Sovie
CG 13 Faculty Advisor Artillery Maj  Louis B. Ballard
CG 14 Faculty Advisor Communications Maj  Erinn T. Harp
CG 15 Faculty Advisor Infantry  Maj  Joshua D. Winters
CG 16 Faculty Advisor Intelligence  Maj  Meredith B. Anthony