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New Students

Director's Welcome Aboard Letter

Congratulations Class of 2019-20!  Your selection to attend Marine Corps Command and Staff College is proof that your service/agency has determined you worthy of additional investment in your professional development.  We look forward to sharing our pathway for your intellectual journey.    

Reporting/Orientation Dates and Guidance

8-11 July:  IMS Report Window -- Marine Corps University (MCU) representatives will meet international officers at the airport and support getting settled at Quantico

15-26 July:  IMS Orientation -- IMS liaisons lead sessions that support all administrative requirements and academic prep classes before the formal start of the academic year. 

23 July:  Report no later than date for all Air Force, Army, Coast Guard and Navy Students.  Check-in to MCU/Student Services (Warner Center, Building 2044/Room 1182C) who will date/time stamp orders.  Civilian interagency students should also check in to support accountability efforts.    

24 July:  Report no later than date for all Marine Students -- MCU/Student Services (Warner Center, Building 2044/Room 1182C) 

24 July/Time TBD:  MCU Check-in for Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Interagency Students in Lecture Hall 1, 3rd Deck, Warner Center.  Students will get various "Welcome Aboard" Briefs, set up .edu e-mails, and get issued books.

25 July/Time TBD:  MCU Check-in for all Marine Students (See above)

25-26 July:  Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Interagency Student orientation.  Meet with lead service representatives and receive introductory briefings 

29 July/0900:  CSC academic year starts

NLT 1 June, check here for follow-on guidance and read-ahead materials to prepare you for the start of the academic year.