Faculty Directory



LtCol Zachariah Anthony, USMC
Military Faculty Advisor


Dr. Jorge Benitez
​Associate Professor of International Relations

LTC Jay A. Bessey, USA
Military Faculty Member

Lt Col Richard K. Bogusky, USAF
Military Faulty Advisor


Dr. Sinan Ciddi
Associate Professor of National Security Studies

LtCol Keith S. Crim Jr, USMC
CG 2 Military Faculty Advisor


LtCol Mike D'Eredita
Faculty Advisor

Dr. Richard DiNardo
Professor of National Security Affairs

LtCol Nathaniel Doherty, USMC
Military Faculty Advisor

LtCol Aaron Doty, USMC
Military Faculty Advisor


Dr. Matthew J. Flynn
Associate Professor of Military History


Dr. Paul Gelpi
Professor of Military History

LtCol Alexandra Gerbracht, USMC
Military Faculty Advisor

Dr. John Gordon
Professor of National Security Affairs

LtCol George R. Gordy IV, USMC
Military Faculty Advisor


Dr. Craig Hayden
Associate Professor of Strategic Studies


Dr. James Joyner​
Professor of Strategic Studies


Dr. Lauren MacKenzie 
Professor of Military Cross Cultural Competence

Anahid Matossian
Women, Peace, and Security Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Claire Metelits
​Associate Professor of Strategic Studies


Dr. Nathan Packard
Associate Professor of Military History

Dr. Jonathan Phillips
Dean of Academics


Mr. Michael Ronza
Deputy Director, Academic Operations

LtCol Semming Rusten, Norwegian Army
CG 7 Military Faculty Advisor


LtCol Jonathan Schneider, USMC
​Military Faculty Advisor

Dr. Eric Shibuya
Professor of Strategic Studies and Department Head, Security Studies

LtCol Corey Smith, USMC
​Military Faculty Advisor

Dr. Christopher S. Stowe
Professor of Military History and Department Head, War Studies 

Dr. Lon Strauss
​Associate Professor of Military History, War Studies

Dr. Doug Streusand
Professor of International Relations

Dr. Craig Swanson
Associate Dean of Academics


Dr. Lynn M. Tesser
Associate Professor of International Relations

LtCol Khalilah Thomas, USMC
Faculty Advisor

LtCol Jeremy Thompson, USMC
​Military Faculty Advisor


Dr. Bradford Wineman
Professor of Military History