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Marine Corps Battle Colors Streamers

Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., holds the official Battle Color of the Marine Corps. A duplicate is maintained in the office of the Commandant of the Marine Corps in the Pentagon. The Battle Color bears the same fifty streamers authorized for the Marine Corps as a whole. These streamers represent U.S. and foreign unit awards as well as those periods of service, expeditions, and campaigns in which the Marine Corps has participated from the American Revolution to today.

During the Marine Corps' first 150 years, Marines in the field carried a variety of flags. It was not until 18 April 1925 that Marine Corps Order Number 4 designated gold and scarlet as the official colors of the U.S. Marine Corps. These colors, however, were not reflected in the official Marine Corps flag until 18 January 1939 when a new design incorporating the new colors was approved. This design was essentially that of today's Marine Corps standard, and was the result of a two-year study concerning the design of a standard Marine Corps flag, and the units to which such a flag should be issued.

The 55 colored streamers which adorn the Battle Color represent the history and accomplishments of the Marine Corps. The newest streamers to be added to the Battle Color are the Afghanistan, Iraq, and Inherent Resolve Campaign Streamers.

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1. Presidential Unit Citation (Navy) Streamer with six silver and four bronze stars

2. Presidential Unit Citation (Army) Streamer with one silver oak leaf cluster

3. Joint Meritorious Unit Award Streamer

4. Navy Unit Commendation Streamer

5. Valorous Unit Award (Army) Streamer

6. Meritorious Unit Commendation (Navy-Marine Corps) Streamer

7. Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army) Streamer

8. Revolutionary War Streamer

9. Quasi-War with France Streamer

10. Barbary Wars Streamer

11. War of 1812 Streamer

12. African Slave Trade Streamer

13. Operations Against West Indian Pirates Streamer

14. Indian Wars Streamer

15. Mexican War Streamer

16. Civil War Streamer

17. Marine Corps Expeditionary Streamer with twelve silver stars, four bronze stars 
and one silver "W"

18. Spanish Campaign Streamer

19. Philippine Campaign Streamer

20. China Relief Expedition Streamer

21. Cuban Pacification Streamer

22. Nicaraguan Campaign Streamer

23. Mexican Service Streamer

24. Haitian Campaign Streamer with one bronze star

25. Dominican Campaign Streamer

26. World War I Victory Streamer with one silver and one bronze star, one Maltese Cross, 
and Siberia and West Indies clasps

27. Army of Occupation of Germany Streamer

28. Second Nicaraguan Campaign Streamer

29. Yangtze Service Streamer

30. China Service Streamer with one bronze star

31. American Defense Service Streamer with one bronze star

32. American Campaign Streamer

33. European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Streamer with one silver and four bronze stars

34. Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Streamer with eight silver and two bronze stars

35. World War II Victory Streamer

36. Navy Occupation Service Streamer with Europe and Asia Clasps

37. National Defense Service Streamer with three bronze stars

38. Korean Service Streamer with two silver stars

39. Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamer with five silver stars

40. Vietnam Service Streamer with three silver and two bronze stars

41. Southwest Asia Service Streamer with three bronze stars

42. Kosovo Campaign Streamer with two bronze stars

43. Afghanistan Campaign Streamer with one silver and one bronze star

44. Iraq Campaign Streamer with one silver and two bronze stars

45. Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Streamer

46. Global War on Terrorism Service Streamer

47. Philippine Defense Streamer with one bronze star

48. Philippine Liberation Streamer with two bronze stars

49. Philippine Independence Streamer

50. French Croix De Guerre Streamer with two palms and one gilt star

51. Philippine Presidential Unit Citation Streamer with two bronze stars

52. Korean Presidential Unit Citation Streamer

53. Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Meritorious Unit Citation of the Gallantry Cross with Palm

54. Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation Civil Actions Streamer with Palm

To view text only list of streamers click here

Learn More on the History of the Battle Colors of the Marine Corps

Reference Branch 
USMC History Division

Ordering Streamers

The USMC Heraldry and Streamers Procurement How to Guide provides guidance to Marine Corps Units on the offline requisition process of streamers and heraldry items. Please read instructions in entirety to mitigate delay in requisitioning process. 


Each streamer requisition requires a DD-1348 form, and must include the following:

  1. Full name of streamer with any devices. Note: Do not add any NSNs; LOGCOM Albany will add them.

  2. Document number; each requisition must have its own document number.

  3. U/I, Quantity, SuppAdd, Sig Code, Fund Code, Priority, RDD and Adv Code

  4. Name of unit that will be displaying the streamer requisitioned along with:

Unit POC Name, Email, and Phone Number (COMM & DSN)

  1. Access the DD-1348 form here


Each streamer requisition is reviewed by the Marine Corps History Division for accuracy before being forwarded to LOGCOM Albany for processing.

  1. To ensure your form is received, please save your file as an Excel form (.xlsx) or PDF.  Any other format will be stripped from the email system.  If unsure of the file type, simply scan and email as PDF.

  2. Email completed DD-1348 form(s) via email to the History Division at

  3. The History Division will authenticate and approve  the Unit rates their request(s) and  forward the request  to LOGCOM Albany’s organizational mailbox; Units will be copied on the forward. 

  4. LOGCOM Albany will review the completed DD-1348 form(s) for accuracy and add the associated NSNs. Once verified the requisitions will be forwarded to the DLA TS MLNO for MILSTRIP submission and processing.


  1. LOGCOM Albany will notify the Unit once the MILSTRIP(s) are submitted. Using Units can monitor and or track requests by the document numbers on the submitted DD-1348.

  2. Follow up inquiries can be directed to LOGCOM Albany’s organizational mailbox or the DLA MLNO (MSgt Lance Robinson).


  1. What does my unit rate?

  • Check your lineage and honors certificates or streamer entitlement.  The most recent copy is available here.

  • If not online, email the History Division at for assistance.

  1. How do I track the requisition?

  • Once the requisition is forwarded to MCLB Albany, you can track it by the document numbers on your DD-1348 or send an email to or the DLA MLNO POC (MSgt Lance Robinson) for further inquiries.

  1. I cannot find the NSNs to fill out the DD-1348 form, where do I get them from?

  • You do not need the NSNs.  Just fill in the full name of the streamer with its devices (example: three bronze stars)

  1. How long does it take before the unit receives the streamers after they send their order?

  • On average, once processed it currently takes anywhere from 30 – 90 days for a unit to receive their streamer order.  MCLB Albany does have a MLNO at DLA that oversees and monitors the streamer ordering process who constantly tracks each order as they come in.

  1. My Unit does not have a Supply Section, how do I determine the SuppAdd, Sig Code, Fund Code, Priority, RDD and Adv Code?

  •  See DLM 4000.25-1, MILSTRP Guidance; and contact DLA MLNO POC (MSgt Lance Robinson) for further inquiries.


Streamer Entitlements

Most recognize the Honors certificate issued to units in conjunction with the Lineage certificate.  It reflects the honors earned by the units during the course of their history.  The streamer entitlement is a detailed version of the honors--giving specifics on the award, service and campaign streamers for specific units.  As we update each unit's lineage and honors, their corresponding streamer entitlement will also be updated and placed online.  

Lineage and Honors

The Marine Corps’ Lineage and Honors Program was instituted in 1969 as a way to capture the administrative and operational history of eligible Marine Corps units, as well as to record the accumulated battle honors. 

Units of the operating forces that are of battalion/squadron size (or larger) that rate Type III, Class 1 Battle Standards are eligible for lineage and honors certificates.  Bases and air stations were granted eligibility in 1971.  Subordinate battalions of bases/air stations, schools and detachments are specifically excluded from eligibility. 

 We are working to make all unit lineage and honors certificates and streamer entitlements available digitally; however, at this time only those below are available.  If you do not see your unit or have questions regarding the program, please email for more information.









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