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Andrea Hamlen-Ridgely

Andrea Hamlen-Ridgely has served as a Communications Instructor in the Marine Corps University (MCU) Leadership Communication Skills Center (LCSC) since 2007. Having joined the LCSC faculty only six months after the Center opened its doors, Ms. Hamlen-Ridgely helped to shape the Center’s mission and vision and developed policies and procedures for addressing student needs, tracking student usage, encouraging student publication, and documenting effective writing improvement strategies. In her position, Ms. Hamlen-Ridgely assists students from all three degree-seeking schools (Command and Staff College, School of Advanced Warfighting, Marine Corps War College) in order to improve their written and oral communication skills through one-on-one consultations and classes that focus on oral presentation skills, grammar, rhetorical strategies, and the writing process. She has participated in MCU faculty development sessions, which addressed issues such as providing feedback on written work and creating effective assignment questions. From October 2011-November 2012, Ms. Hamlen-Ridgely served as the Interim Director of the LCSC; in this role, she oversaw all LCSC operations and coordinated with MCU faculty to ensure the center was meeting student and faculty needs.

Ms. Hamlen-Ridgely has edited a variety of works for publication, including Operational Culture for the Warfighter: Perspectives from the Field, an anthology of MCU student papers; Aspects of Leadership: Ethics, Law and Spirituality, an anthology of student and faculty articles; and all editions of the Marine Corps University Communications Style Guide, the standard writing guide for all degree-granting schools at the Marine Corps University. She has also served in an editorial capacity on international editing projects, including Thou, My Fellow Officer, a translated French text about contemporary military leadership.

Ms. Hamlen-Ridgely holds a BA in English from the University of Mary Washington and an MEd in Adult Education from the Pennsylvania State University, where her coursework focused on adult learning theory, program design and administration, and the teaching of writing.

Communications Instructor