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Speakers Bureau Members and Topics

MCU Speakers are available to address groups on a variety of both national and international topics to include cultural, military, political, educational themes and more. 

Mr. Donald Bishop The Donald Bren Chair of Strategic Communications "America's Informational Power," "The Challenge of Disinformation," "Remembering the The Four Freedoms," "Thinking about Religious Liberty," "The China-Burma-India Theater in World War II," "The Second Massachusetts Cavalry in northern Virginia: The Colonel and His Bride," "Don't Know Much About History."
Grant Campbell ​Communication Instructor Communication Studies, Communication Theory, Family and Children's Rhetoric, Face Negotiation/Facework, Communication with Adult Learners about Writing Deficiencies, The Writing and Revision Process, Grammar Skills/Remediation, Storytelling as a Leadership Tool
Dr. Richard Di Nardo ​Professor of National Security Affairs American Civil War, German Army of World War II Leadership, Operational Art
Dr. Kerry Fosher Director of Research
  •  Biosecurity and public health
  •  Barriers to DoD’s ability to leverage science and integration of social science 
  •  Fieldwork and qualitative methods
  • Military culture change and resilience
  • DoD outreach to academia
Mr. Keil Gentry ​Vice President for Business Affairs Leadership and Ethics, National Security, Marine Corps
Colonel Thomas J. Gordon, USMC ​Director, Command and Staff College Foreign Humanitarian Disaster Relief, Future Challenges, The Profession of Arms, Leadership philosophy, Building cohesive high performing teams, Leading through crisis and failure, Building trust, Toxic Leadership, Character Development and resiliency, Social Media 7 Communications for Commanders
Andrea Hamlen-Ridgely, MEd Communications Assistant Professor  
Dr. Todd Holm Professional Communication Instructor Team Building, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, Developing Presentational Skills, Conflict Management, Generational Friction, Creativity, Train-the-Trainer, Adult Learner Needs, Unconscious Bias, and Grammar Remediation  
Dr. James Lacey Horner Chair of Military Theory and Course Director War Policy and Strategy ​Military History from Plato-to-NATO (all wars and all theaters of war), Great Power Competition and Conflict, Military Strategy, Maritime Strategy, The Future of War, Operational Art, Senior Level Leadership in War, Military Innovation and Adaptation, Book Talks (covering my books on World War II, Greco-Persian Wars, Great Power Rivalry, Decisive Battle, the Roman Empire, Great Generals at War)
Dr. Lauren Mackenzie Professor of Cross-Cultural Competence Intercultural communication, cross-cultural competence, interpersonal conflict management, creative thinking, relationship repair strategies, the role of failure in teaching and learning.  
Dr. Nathan Packard Assistant Professor of War Studies USMC History, The Vietnam War, US National Security Policy, Civil-Military Relations, Defense Reform, Military Innovation​​
Dr. Christopher S. Stowe Professor of Military History U.S. military history, American Civil War and Reconstruction, Antebellum America, Gender and the military, The Atlantic world
Dr. Craig Swanson Associate Dean of Academics ​American Foreign Policy, American History, History of Medicine, International Relations, Marxism, Political Theory, USN/USMC History
Dr. Amin Tarzi ​Director of Middle East Studies Middle East, History and Historical Narratives, Role of Justice in State-Building, Counter- and Nonproliferation, Track II Diplomacy
Dr. Paolo Tripodi ​Professor of Ethics and Ethics Branch Head ​​Leadership, Ethics, Military Ethics
Stase Wells Communications Instructor Leadership Communication, Effective Written and Oral Communication, Global Citizenship Education, International Education, English as a Foreign Language Teaching Strategies, Writing Process, Grammar, Global and Surface-level Revision Strategies, Editing, Time Management and Writing under Pressure
Dr. Van Zummeren Deputy Director, Lejeune Leadership Institute Military and Civilian Leadership Development, Speech Communication Theory and Practice, Teaching Methodologies, Philosophies, and Practices, Curriculum Design, Development, Implementation, and Accreditation , Faculty Development, Operational Planning and Operations, General Military Subjects, Regional Studies, and Military History.​
Dr. Chris Yung Dean MCWAR Asia Pacific Security and politics; China; Chinese foreign policy; Chinese military; Chinese politics; the South China Sea; U.S. policy in Asia; US policy to China; maritime territorial disputes; US defense relations with allies and partners in the Asia Pacific