April 19, 2021 Update: Due to recent changes, all LREC SME support requests, including those in the National Capital Region, now require unit-funded task orders on the LREC IDIQ contract. The first step is submitting a training support request (TSR) 45+ days ahead of time per the procedures specified below. CRSS maintains contract flexibility to provide units and individuals the Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) subject matter expert (SME) support necessary to support pre-deployment training, deployments, and other operational requirements.

Key LREC SME support-related updates:

What types of LREC SME support does CRSS offer?

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How do I schedule LREC SME support?

After identifying LREC training requirements, units can download and complete a Training Support Request (TSR) and then email it directly to CRSS Training. Acrobat Reader DC is recommended for greatest compatibility. 

Effective April 26, 2020: all LREC TSRs will be funded by requesting commands, not centrally funded through TECOM. Please read the post-CAOCL-divestment TSR Process guidance prior to submitting TSRs.

For assistance with understanding LREC capabilities, determining LREC requirements, and finding suitable sourcing solutions, contact your local TECOM Training Support Center (TSC) for information. Personnel without direct access to a TSC should contact CRSS for assistance.

TECOM Training Support Center POCs:

 NCR/Quantico  703-784-5518
 Camp Pendleton/I MEF  760-763-7996
 MCAGCC 29 Palms/I MEF  760-830-8468
 Camp Lejeune/II MEF  910-450-8005
 Hawaii/III MEF  949-257-7352
 Japan/III MEF  (DSN) 315-622-7411
***Please download the file (right click, "Save link as") and save it locally prior to filling out information and submitting.
This form is NOT designed for direct website submission.***

What is my training requirement?

With assistance from the TSCs or CRSS, units will: determine what LREC capabilities they require to support their mission, determine which LREC T&R Events (individual or collective) align with those requirements, and determine appropriate training solutions.

Marine Corps Tasks Requiring LREC Capability

The the list below contains MCT's that require significant LREC capability and are commonly found as Core, Core Plus, and Assigned Mission Essential Tasks and correlating collective events (per LREC T&R Manual, updated Oct 2017). Units are evaluated on performance of applicable LREC T&R events using an LREC Exercise Culture Assessment (ECA), typically during service level training events (SLTE).

Also, see our Course Catalog for Operational Culture General classes directly associated with individual (2000-level) LREC T&R Events. 

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