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  • Students will use WCONLINE to schedule the following LCSC services: paper review appointments, in-person appointments, and video conference appointments. 
  • Papers submitted for review will be returned within two business days of the student's scheduled appointment time (i.e., a paper review appointment booked on Monday will be returned no later than Wednesday; paper review appointments booked on Friday will be returned no later than Tuesday of the following week).
  • Students can schedule paper review appointments anytime during their preferred day regardless of their class schedule, as these appointments are not synchronous and do not include an in-person meeting or a video chat. Instead, students will be emailed LCSC faculty feedback on their papers within two business days when they make this type of appointment. 
  • Students scheduling in-person or video chat appointments must be available to meet at the GRC or online during their appointment time. 
  • Students can book appointments up to two weeks in advance.
  • Students can book up to 120 minutes of appointments per week of paper review or video conferencing. 
  • Students are only allowed two paper reviews per assignment. Assignments requesting a third paper review (even with a different faculty member) will be cancelled, and students will be notified via email. Students are welcome to make an in-person appointment or video conference appointment to address questions about the same assignment/written product--this does not count as a paper review. 
  • Students should cancel appointments at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled time.
  • The LCSC does not provide paper review appointments requested on the same day an assignment is due. 
  • Students can access the LCSC instructional calendar to find available LCSC courses, workshops, and in-person office hours. (To receive access to this calendar, email LCSC@usmcu.edu.)