Leadership Communication Skills Center


Contact Us

Dr. Brandy Lyn G. Brown, Ph.D., Director (GRC 229)
brandylyn.brown@usmcu.edu 703.784.4401 (No voicemail)


Ms. Andrea Hamlen, Communications Assistant Professor (GRC 236) 
andrea.hamlen@usmcu.edu 703.784.4403 (No voicemail)


Ms. Rachelle Kamrath, Communications Assistant Professor (GRC 236)
rachelle.kamrath@usmcu.edu 703.784.4403 (No voicemail)


Mrs. Stase Wells, Communications Assistant Professor (GRC 231) 
stase.wells@usmcu.edu 703.784.0191 (No voicemail)


Ms. Katie Zimmerle, Communications Instructor (GRC 231)
katie.zimmerle.ctr@usmcu.edu 703.432.5524 (No voicemail)


NOTE: LCSC phones do not have voicemail; email is the fastest way to reach the LCSC Faculty.