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Enlisted Professional Development and Enhancement Initiative

The Enlisted Professional Development and Enhancement (EPD&E) Initiative presents a modernization strategy for the Marine Corps.  EPD&E's central concept revolves around two key themes (1) Adopting a revolutionary approach to Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) and (2) Developing a training philosophy with Occupational Professional Enhancement (OPE) that collectively provides an institutional investment in the individual enlisted Marine's career.  By partnering with established post-secondary educational institutions, this new approach to training and education assists in creating realistic training, challenging education, and cognitive resilience in the occupational areas in which Marines are assigned.  The utilization of established educational programs affords enlisted Marines the opportunity to earn professional certifications, Associates and Bachelors degrees without requiring a payback tour.  This model of education directs Marines down a designated path directly associated with their career field and occupational specialty, but does not prevent Marines from pursuing study outside of the prescribed track.

One of the most critical efforts of the entire program ensures the utility of employing the Marines' new skills while they are excited, engaged, and fresh from an education opportunity, is essential for the success of the system.  The incentives of personal achievement and investment and an institutional reward keep Marines focused in areas of institutional need while satisfying the individual's desire for personal development.  This also provides for an opportunity to attract, recruit and retain high-caliber talent by employing strategies successful in the academic and commercial sector.  

The EPD&E initiative also enhances Marine Corps talent management by addressing objective vs. subjective talent markers and the challenge of warfighting in uncertain environments.  For example, dominance in cyber and information warfare space requires a Marine Corps approach to training and education that moves at the pace of technology.  Academic rigor, on-line classrooms, workshops, and internships can complement the cultural strength that sets Marines apart while creating flexibility for attracting and retaining strong talent.

Technology will continue to advance and non-state actors will continue to intimidate, making the development of cognitive skills imperative for future battlespaces.  Enabling Marines to take advantage of the educational environment, excel in unexplored areas, and redefine expeditionary in the modern world, ensures Marine Corps success for generations to come.


Marine Corps Concept for Enlisted Professional Development and Enhancement (DRAFT)

Enlisted Professional Development and Enhancement Working Group                          

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