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Mrs. Valerie Jackson - Valerie Jackson has more than twenty-four years in federal service, principally as a United States Marine. Before coming to the Krulak Center in July, she was an arbitrator in Dallas, Texas. Her areas of expertise include conflict management and resolution, civil-military operations, international relations, and strategic studies. She has led and commanded Marine units throughout her career, and has spent time as an instructor at the Marine Corps Civil Military Operations School and as the senior editor and field historian for the Marine Corps History Division.



LtCol Matt Chambliss - An artillery officer by primary MOS, at MCU he led the Red Team in challenging assumptions and playing devil’s advocate during various student exercises. After his return from Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in September 2018, he assumed duties as the Deputy Director.



The Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity supports scholarly research and curriculum development cultivating creativity in the profession of arms. War is more than a true chameleon. The United States military requires officers that can adapt to changing circumstances faster than their adversaries. Exploring new approaches to creative problem solving fosters a culture of innovation and adaption consistent with the best traditions of the Marine Corps.


Professionals who effectively contribute imaginative solutions to future challenges

“The conduct of war is fundamentally a dynamic process of human competition requiring both the knowledge of science and the creativity of art.”
MCDP 1, Warfighting

“Instead of attacking strength, the goal is the application of our strength against selected enemy weakness in order to maximize advantage.  This tack requires the ability to identify and exploit such weakness.”
MCDP 1, Warfighting


Objectives and Methods:

The Bren Chair Will:

  • Create partnerships with the broader defense community, think tanks, academia and industry
  • Translate their research into products and project for the Marine Corps
  • Fund faculty pilot projects (e.g., innovative war games) to enhance MCU’s learning environment
  • Encourage greater faculty publication on topics of interest to the Marine Corps


Exercises, games, staff rides capturing
the enduring nature and
changing character of warfare.
 +   Forums linking MCU students with the defense
 community, industry and academia.
 Military professionals who contribute
 imaginative solutions to future
 security challenges

Annual War Games

The Krulak Center sponsors multiple wargames throughout the year with students from each of the MCU PME schools as well as outside entities to include DC I and MCWL. Information regarding wargames can be found here