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Non-Resident Fellows Application

Non-Resident Fellows Program

Application Process Currently Closed


The Krulak Center is a think tank at the Marine Corps University focused on creating enhanced educational opportunities for students and faculty engaged in Professional Military Education (PME). Our mission is to enable an interdisciplinary approach to supporting all students and faculty through complex problem solving, fostering an environment that enhances our collective warfighting capability, and facilitating and encouraging novel solutions to current and future warfighting challenges in order to expand the Corps’ competitive edge and improve our warfighting effectiveness. Krulak Center Non-Resident Fellows will support the mission of the Krulak Center as needed and able.

Tasks for Krulak Non-Resident Fellows include participating in our annual Innovation Summit; supporting instruction at MCU by guesting during one campus visit or Krulak Center event; and supporting writing competitions. All Krulak Center Non-Resident Fellows will have the ability to collaborate with MCU staff, faculty and the Marine Corps University Foundation, participate in wargames, and support staff rides.

All published materials by Krulak Center Non-Resident Fellows will attribute an affiliation with the Krulak Center and Marine Corps University somewhere on the publication. There are opportunities to publish with the Marine Corps University Journal and Marine Corps University Press. We also encourage and support publication in the Marine Corps Gazette and various other outlets supported by military services.

We are looking for individuals who can carry out innovative research on topics pertaining to modern and historic warfare. Research on the areas of cyber security, AI, quantum computing, information warfare, logistics, maneuver warfare, additive manufacturing, and innovation in naval research all are highly desired.


  • Generate new knowledge and contribute to debates related to the Marine Corps and the mission of Marine Corps University.
  • Publish at least one opinion essay or article in a major publication (online or in print) that bears directly on questions of innovation and creativity.
  • Visit the MCU once per year to support the Innovation Summit, courses, or research programs throughout campus.
  • Include standard disclaimer that all publications are the opinion of the author.


Curriculum Vitae, Writing Sample, and statement detailing how prospective fellows will support the mission of the MCU and the Krulak Center in the coming academic year. Submit your Application here.  the_krulak_center@usmcu.edu

Points of Contact

Ms. Valerie Jackson
Director, Krulak Center
Dr. Brandon Valeriano
Bren Chair of Military Innovation, Krulak Center