Solicitation  of  Interest
Director  of  Wargaming, Krulak  Center
AD-09 (Excepted Service/Title 10)
Salary  Range  $135,973-138,670


This is a  Solicitation of  Interest to create a  pool of  candidates to fill an excepted service Administratively  Determined (AD) position at Marine  Corps University  (MCU), Training  and Education Command, Quantico, Virginia. The  purpose  of this AD-09 position  is to serve  as Director of  Wargaming  for MCU

Job Summary:  The  Director of  Wargaming  serves as  Marine  Corps University’s  Chief Wargaming  Expert. The  primary  purpose  of this position is to  advance  Marine  Corps warfighting excellence  through  the  employment of wargaming  methodologies within  an  academic  institution delivering  world class  education to  military  and  government  professionals.  The  incumbent  will serve  as the  Director of  Wargaming, located at  the  Krulak Center,  and is  responsible for identifying  requirements  and resources, providing  input  to and assisting  faculty  development, and devising  innovative  approaches to employing wargaming  through all  levels of the Marine Corps Professional Military  Education  (PME)  system. 

Key  Requirements:​​​

  • Must be  a  U.S. Citizen.
  • Expert knowledge  of and  experience  in educational wargaming  at the  tactical, operational, and strategic  levels, including  Commercial off the  Shelf (COTS) wargames and the process of developing  unique  gaming  scenarios.
  • Skill to  independently  plan and manage  short-  and long-term projects;  to  gather, assemble and analyze  facts, draw  conclusions, conduct analysis, negotiate  complex  issues and devise recommended solutions.
  • Able to obtain and maintain a TS/SCI  security  clearance.
  • In  accordance  with MCO  12792.1A, Drug  Free  Workplace  Program for  Civilian Employees, incumbent must  pass a urinalysis  screening  for illegal drug  use  prior  to appointment and periodically  thereafter.
  • Military  applicants that are  retirement eligible  cannot begin work until 180 days  after their  retirement date.
  • Must have strong familiarity with officer and enlisted PME.
  • Must have  experience  teaching  within resident PME, as well  as planning  and executing wargames in  a  resident PME environment.
  • Must have  background in creating  and  executing  wargames based on  expert knowledge on a  variety  of potential Marine Corps force  designs.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The incumbent works within administrative  and policy  direction from  the  Director, Krulak Center.
  • Oversees development of  wargaming  programs  at  MCU and within MCU schools.  Coordinates the  University’s efforts to integrate  wargaming  into the officer  and enlisted Professional Military  Education  continua.  Serves  as Contracting Officer’s  Representative (COR) for all  contracts required to support MCU’s wargaming  program and to sustain those initiatives in the  long-term. Performs  the  full range  of  administrative  and technical COR duties to include identifying work requirements, developing  statements of work in accordance  with applicable policies and regulations, and assuring contractors meet the performance  requirements of the contract.
  • Ensures a  process for effective  and  continuous Program Assessment in order to  inform resource  prioritization and allocation, program improvement, and higher-level decision making.
  • Oversees the development of a  virtual  gaming  platform that integrates multiplayer gaming  with assessment  of student learning  outcomes (SLOs) and program  outcomes (POs), accessed via  and integrated into MCU’s learning  management system.
  • The incumbent is responsible  for  supporting  the  academic  and research missions of MCU by  providing  educational  wargaming  opportunities  to all PME programs.
  • Assesses  faculty, student,  and academic  program developmental needs and  develops new and innovative  wargaming  opportunities to address those  needs. Coordinates  and integrates  wargaming  activity  across MCU.

Qualifications Required:

Knowledge  of higher education operations and PME to assure  compliance  with DoD and USMC directives and legal and regulatory  requirements.  Expert knowledge  of curriculum  development best practices at the  graduate level. Advanced skill in written and oral communication in order to instruct in a  professional  military  academic  environment and to produce  written instructional materials. Ability  to coach and mentor  as it  relates  to teaching  and evaluating  student performance  on wargames. Ability  to interpret and  communicate program  guidelines  and policies to senior leadership with  regards to technical procedures, programs, standards, and policies. Ability  to properly  package  briefings, papers or  reports suitable  for  top management use  and decision-making.

How to Apply:

The  initial term of  appointment is expected to be  three  years with provision for renewal. The  first year of  employment is probationary.   If interested  in this position, please  email a letter of interest, CV, and three  references to  no later  than 15  April  2021.  Questions about the  position can be  sent to this email  address.