“Fidelity” is faithfulness to one another, our Corps, and the Nation. It is expressed through our motto, “Semper Fidelis,” meaning “Always Faithful,” as well as our Core Values and Leadership Traits and Principles. The Fidelity resource page contains information on our heritage, Core Values, ethics, and Marine Corps Leadership Traits and Principles.

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Below are the cornerstone documents of our approach to developing leaders.  This is the starting point for developing ethical, moral, and engaged leaders at all levels and the basis of thought for the 6 F's of Marine Leadership Development.


As the Marine Corps looks to adapt and innovate for the future we look to the past to remember our heritage.  Our innovative and fighting spirit has seen us through out our history and it is important to study the past to inform us of the future.

Leadership Traits and Principles

Below are the leadership traits and principles expected to be embodied by every Marine.


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