Commanders Cornerstone Spouse's Workshop

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About the Spouse's Workshop

The Workshop’s objective is to present issues and concepts that Commanding Officers, Sergeants Major, and their spouses can discuss - to give spouses ideas, options, and best practices as well as provide them a peer network for support and encouragement.

  Purpose and Intent

Educate Commanders, Sergeants Major and their spouses on the fundamental authorities, responsibilities, programs, and practices that contribute to a successful command tour.
The curriculum will maximize the use of small group guided discussions with current and former Commanders, Sergeants Major and their spouses in order to permit a frank exchange of observations, ideas, and methodologies

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on April 29th! Use the accordion menu below to find useful information, maps, and other resources. Please contact one of the Spouse's Workshop Committee Members for any questions or concerns.




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Spouse's Workshop Information

 19-1 Spouse's Workshop

(Quotes from committee members or spouses who have attended/developed the workshop)

"The Spouse's Workshop is.... " - Mrs. Darcy Neller, Wife of the Commandant of the Marine Corps

"The spouses who attend this workshop will gain...." Mrs. Mattrice Williamson, Head of the Spouse's Committee



1991, the Commandant directed the establishment of a course for slated Commanders.

1993, pilot Spouses program rolled out. The curriculum was developed from relevant aspects of the Navy’s CO/XO Seminar, the Command Team Seminar, and the Army Command & Staff College, then assembled using the acumen of a large committee of experienced Marine spouses.

2013, Sergeants Major course established for newly slated SgtsMaj.

2015, Commander’s course & SgtsMaj course combined – now known as Cornerstone.

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