Mr. Douglas E. Nash 

Branch Head





  • World War II Amphibious Operations
  • Civil Affairs and Civil-Military Operations
  • Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Assistance Operations
  • Development of Amphibious Warfare doctrine



“Origins of the Gator Navy: Amphibious Shipping in Support of Landing Operations,” Part II.  Fortitudine, Vol. 38, Number 2 2014.


Battle of Okinawa:  III MEF Staff Ride Battle Book, History Division, 2015.


“The Afloat-Ready Battalion: The Development of the US Navy-Marine Corps Amphibious Ready Group/Marine Expeditionary Unit, 1898-1978.”  Marine Corps History, Vol. 3, Number 1, Summer 2017.


“Army Boots on Volcanic Sands: The 147th Infantry Regiment at Iwo Jima.”  Army History, Number 105, Fall 2017. 


Co-Writer of the Guadalcanal Battle Book, "How to Fight and Win the Single Naval Battle: Operation Watchtower's Relevance Today," co-written with LtCol (ret) Edward Nevgloski, May 2018.


“Amphibious Juggernaut:  How the Landing Ship, Tank and Landing Vehicle, Tracked Combined to Form the Most Powerful Amphibious Assault System of the Second World War.”  Currently pending publication in the next issue of the International Journal of Naval History, 2019.


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