Points of Contact

Marine Corps University
2076 South Street
Quantico, VA 22134-5068

G-1 Administration
Commercial: (703)-784-3515
DSN: 278-3515

Protocol Officer
(703) 432-5495

(703) 432-5503

CDET Registrar
(703) 432-0268

Student Services
(703) 432-4867/3713

IT Helpdesk
(703) 432-4866

Security Manager
(703) 432-5578

Equal Opportunity Representative
(703) 432-5269
NAVMC 11512

MCU Room Reservations

For additional information:

If you are a distance education student or have questions about the Marine Corps’ distance education program, contact the College of Distance Education and Training.

If you are seeking employment opportunities with Marine Corps University, go to USAJOBS and Department of the Navy Recruitment. All available MCU positions will be listed on those sites.

If you want information on joining the Marine Corps, go to marines.com.

If you require assistance regarding accessibility or have technical questions about this web site (www.usmcu.edu), e-mail the MCU Webmaster at MCU_IT_Webteam@usmcu.edu.