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Leadership Resources

Leadership Doctrine & Service Publications

Curious where to begin?  It all starts with doctrine. Leadership in the Marine Corps takes place within the context of our doctrine, from our philosophy of fighting set forth the primary doctrinal publication MCDP 1 Warfighting, to other doctrine and Service publications addressing our leadership philosophy and accompanying ethical standards by which all Marines are judged.  You can find the remainder of all USMC doctrinal publications at the Official Marine Corps Doctrine Website.

Discussion Guides

A two-way conversation with a group of Marines has long been an effective method for instruction for Marine Leaders.  It forces both the discussion host and participants to think more critically about the issue and reevaluate their own opinions, set conditions for a greater degree of learning and understanding to occur at both ends.  A Discussion Guide is a suggested roadmap for how to tackle a particular subject.  Institutions within the Marine Corps have developed Discussion Guides on a wide variety of topics.  Aside from guides available on the MLD website,  the Library of the Marine Corps maintains a comprehensive database of guides that can be accessed at its portal.

Other Discussion Guides, Publications, and Materials

For more official Discussion Guides not available on the MLD website, visit the Library of the Marine Corps, which can be accessed via its portal.  The Marine Corps and many subordinate components have published materials and handbooks addressing specific challenges in leadership.  Some are available here at the MLD website.  To research Marine Corps Orders or other publications, visit the Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library.

Classes and Leadership Briefs

LLI has compiled a large database of  briefs and classes relevant to leadership development.  This section contains selected briefs and classes for public use.


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