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New MCWAR Students

Welcome Aboard!

Congratulations on your selection to attend Marine Corps War College (MCWAR). Here you will find required MCWAR specific documents for new students.  If you have any questions about pre-arrival requirements, please email mcwar@usmcu.edu

Director's Welcome Aboard Letter

Academic Year Overview

MCU Academic Regulations

MCU Policy on Academic Integrity

MCU Policy on Academic Integrity Acknowlegement

MCWAR Check in sheet

MCWAR Uniform Policy

Map to MCWAR


AY 19-20 Reporting and Orientation Dates (Updated: 1 October 2018)

​Date(s) ​Event
3-4 July 19 ​Independence Day Liberty (MCU closed)
​8-12 July 19 ​International Military Student (IMS) Reporting Window
​15-23 July 19 ​Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard (Sister Service) Reporting Window
TBD ​IMS MCWAR Orientation Program
19 July 19 Civilian Student Reporting Date
​23 July 19 Military StudentsNo-Later-Than (NLT) Report Date​ (Marine/Sister Service)
TBD ​IMS Welcome Family Picnic
​24 July 19 MCWAR Convene Date
​26 July 19 MCWAR Classes Start
TBD Strategic Overview Briefs (USMC Only)
​TBD ​MCU Academic Year 2016-2017 Convocation Ceremony
3 June 20 Graduation

Before you arrive, review and complete the following:

1. Biographical Data Sheet

Download and complete the biographical information sheet. Send the biographical information sheet via one of the following methods:
1. Encrypted email to carol-anne.parker@usmc.mil
2. Via AMRDEC SAFE transfer to carol-anne.parker@usmc.mil
3. Via fax to 703-784-2384

2. Transcripts

All MCWAR students are required to submit official transcripts evidencing granting of bachelor’s degree NLT 26 July 2019. Transcripts of post graduate work are not desired and will not satisfy the requirement. MCWAR students who previously attended SAW and/or CSC are NOT required to submit them again if they remain on file with the MCU Registrar. Official transcripts must come directly from the degree granting institution to the Marine Corps University Registrar in the manner prescribed by that granting institution as “official.” Normally, that means a stamped transcript sent by mail in a sealed envelope. Some institutions have official electronic transcripts, and MCU will accept those. Transcripts hand carried by student, unofficial transcripts, “student” copies, unsealed copies, opened copies, faxed copies, etc., are not acceptable. Transcripts must be received before admission into the degree granting program.

Request official transcripts be mailed to:
President, Marine Corps University
Attention: Registrar
2076 South Street
Quantico, VA 22134-5067

or electronically, to:

3. IT Training

Complete IT training through MarineNet at the following links (Although there are similar training courses in the other services, you must complete the USMC-approved courses in MarineNet):

    For Military: CYBERM0000
    For Civilians: CYBERC

For incoming students without a MarineNet account, please go here. New students not enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) will need a sponsor POC in order to establish an account. Please list Lt Col Jason Palma at jason.palma@usmcu.edu as your POC. 

4. Network Access

MCWAR operates in the usmcu.edu domain, which uses Google Apps for Government (GAfG). You will receive an @usmcu.edu email address and your cubicle will have a workstation that will allow you full access to GAfG. You will also have access using a CAC card with your personal laptop or desk top computer and without a CAC card for mobile devices. 

MCWAR has gone mostly paperless with its curriculum. Traditional paper books are still used and are issued to you, but the supporting documents, reading excerpts, and the calendar are provided electronically via the Blackboard learning system. We do not require you to bring a personal laptop or tablet device, but many students use their own for convenience. The University has installed a robust commercial Wifi network which further supports any personal devices.

5. DTS / GTCC Training

Complete DTS/GTCC training at the following links:
    DTS (Basic)-DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101)
    Programs & Policies- Travel Card Program (Travel Card 101)

6. OCONUS Travel Training

The following training is required prior to overseas travel (recommend US students complete this training before arrival):
    Joint Anti-Terrorism Level 1 (JATLV10000)
    SERE 100.2 (JTSERE100B)
    Annual Training (for USMC only)

7. Security Clearance

Prior to your arrival please contact your security manager to be released in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS). Students not in JPAS should have their parent organization send a copy of their clearance to MCWAR.  Please send the clearance information via one of the following methods:
1. Via AMRDEC SAFE transfer to danielle.marion@usmcu.edu 
2. Via fax to 703-784-2384 (Attention to: Security Manager)

8. Optional: Read Chop Wood Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf

This book will be issued to you upon arrival. A diagnostic essay on the book will be assigned early in the program. If you would like to read the book prior to arrival, you can purchase the book, or check it out from your local library.  Options for purchasing the book (ISBN: 9781483441771) can be found at the publisher's site here

Reporting Dates & Uniform

All students will report to room 168 in Dunlap Hall no later than 1600 on 23 July 2019. Uniform for reporting into MCWAR is Service C or service equivalent and business attire for civilians.  Additionally, Marine students will report to IPAC prior to 1600 on 23 July 2019. Marine students must report to IPAC in Service A.

Students will be in seats at 0800 in room 186 in Dunlap Hall on 24 July 2019 for the start of Marine Corps War College. Students will be in utilities for military and business attire for civilians (see MCWAR Uniform Policy).  

On 29 July 2019, students will have their offical photos, passport photos, and ISOPREP photos taken. Students must bring Service A for military and business suit for civilians. Additionally, military should bring a civilian collared shirt. Uniform of the day will be utilities. Students will only be required to wear Service A/business suit during the photos. 

Page current as of: 1 October 2018