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New MCWAR Students

Welcome Aboard!

COVID-19 Update:  AY21 schedule has changed.  Please see below.  Contact the MCU International Military Student Office, the War College, your senior service or agency representative as applicable for additional information.  

Uniform of the Day update: Unless otherwise directed, wear MARPAT Monday-Thursday (other services/IMS: service equivalent; civilians: business casual)  Friday's are Service Charlies (other services equivalents; civilians: business attire) until further notice. 

Planned Date(s) ​Event
06 Aug 20 For "PCS/Non-Local students" - your "no later than date" to be in Virginia (allows for two week restriction of movement as appropriate)
07 Aug 20 For "PCA/local area students"  - your "no earlier than date" to arrive and check-in MCU/MCWAR
NLT 21 Aug 20 No later than date for all US students to check-in at MCU/MCWAR (Dunlap Hall Rm 168)
24 Aug 20  MCWAR AY21 Students Report to Breckinridge Hall  (Auditorium) Uniform is utilities/service equivalent.
25 Aug 20 MCWAR AY21 Students Report to Dunlap Hall for MCWAR Onboarding
27 Aug 20 MCWAR Welcome Aboard (Col Sokol and Dr. Yung)
28 Aug 20 Professional Enrichment (all) "Strategic Handrail" Case Study: Operation IRAQI FREEDOM

General Information:

Prospective Students -- review this web-page and the Marine Corps University website to gain an appreciation for Marine Corps offerings to fulfill the Professional Military Education mission for the Marine Corps and joint force.  Aboard MCB Quantico, there are ample opportunities for professional development.  For those selected to attend Marine Corps War College, return to this website for "Welcome Aboard" information and guidance to support your arrival as a member of the Class of 2021.