Centrally Managed Courses

The Marine Corps invests significantly in their Leaders of today and in growing their Leaders for tomorrow. The below developmental programs are available to Department of the Navy personnel. These programs are grade specific and the courses vary in length of time. Click on the associated links below to find a brief description of each program and additional information.

Orders and Directives

MCO 12410.24 -Civilian Leadership Development - /Portals/218/MCO%2012410_24%20Civilian%20Leadership%20Development.pdf 

Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP) - MARADMIN 574/14 -

Growing Civilian Leaders - Dodi 1430.16 - /Portals/218/DoDI%201430_16.pdf

CMC White Letter 03-07 - /Portals/218/Civilian%20Marine%20Leadership%20and%20Professional%20Development.pdf


Civilian Core Competencies


Mentoring Program

HQMC Guidebook for Mentoring - /Portals/218/Civilian%20Marine%20Mentoring%20Reference%20Guidebook%20%5BPDF%20507KB%5D.pdf



  • SF182 - Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training: SF182.pdf




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