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Cognitive Dimension of the Information Environment

From 2018-2019, CAOCL researched and developed a framework that aims to enhance Marines’ ability to anticipate and influence the actions and decision-making of various populations in the operating environment to achieve desired outcomes. This framework is comprehensive enough to support in-depth analysis of a population's cognitive dimension when employed by a person with extensive region and culture expertise. Yet, it is accessible enough to be a useful tool for action officers with very little culture-specific expertise. When integrated properly into staff planning, the framework can assist Marines to develop unity of understanding, and therefore unity of effort, in the Information warfighting function.

The following resources are available by direct download or by email request to CRSS_Admin@usmcu.edu:

  • Development of the Cognitive Dimension Framework and Series of Classes: Background and Potential Applications (1-page Info Paper)
  • Introduction to the Cognitive Dimension framework (PowerPoint Slides designed for classroom use)
  • Cognitive Dimension: A Culture General Framework (original concept paper)



CAOCL's Cognitive Dimension Products

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  • Cambodia (lite)
  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Violent Extremist Organizations
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  • 14 total available to varying degrees of completeness/quality. List available upon request.