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CAOCL offers a range of support for units’ preparing to deploy by assisting to map LREC training to unit METs, live instruction, exercise support, and reach back support. CAOCL positions OCLEs throughout the operating forces to work with deploying units to assist coordination of unit deployment requirements and to support units throughout the entirety of the deployment cycle. These OCLEs assist commanders to identify and address gaps in their readiness and to ensure the commander has the resources in place for the upcoming deployment. CAOCL also supports the Supporting Establishment to meet its training requirements through live instruction and collaborative efforts.

What is my training requirement? 

CAOCL OCLEs can assist units to identify LREC training requirements at the beginning of the unit life cycle. This is best accomplished during the unit's mission analysis/OPT to inform the unit's training plan.

What training does CAOCL offer?

CAOCL provides four types of training support. We now also offer Cognitive Dimension training for IO Practitioners and CE staff.
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Op Culture General Language Culture SME Support Cognitive Dimention

How do I schedule training? 

After identifying LREC training requirements, units can download and complete Training Support Requests (TSR) and then email them directly to CAOCL Admin.