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Streamers FAQ



  1. What does my unit rate?
  • Check your lineage and honors certificates or streamer entitlement.  The most recent copy is available at https://www.usmcu.edu/historydivision/unit-information.
  • If not online, email the History Division at history.division@usmcu.edu for assistance


  1. How do I track the requisition?
  • Once the requisition is forwarded to MCLB Albany, you can track it by the document numbers on your DD-1348 or send an email to SMBLOGCOMLSMCSRM@usmc.mil or the DLA MLNO POC (MSgt Jason Mallard, Jason.Mallard@dla.mil) for further inquiries.


  1. I cannot find the NSNs to fill out the DD-1348 form, where do I get them from?
  • You do not need the NSNs.  Just fill in the full name of the streamer with its devices (example: three bronze stars)


  1. How long does it take before the unit receives the streamers after they send their order?
  • On average, once processed it currently takes anywhere from 30 – 90 days for a unit to receive their streamer order.  MCLB Albany does have a MLNO at DLA that oversees and monitors the streamer ordering process who constantly tracks each order as they come in.


  1. My Unit does not have a Supply Section, how do I determine the SuppAdd, Sig Code, Fund Code, Priority, RDD and Adv Code?
  •  See DLM 4000.25-1, MILSTRP Guidance; and contact DLA MLNO POC (MSgt Jason Mallard at Jason.Mallard@dla.mil) for further inquiries.